Term Paper: Wikileaks Ethics Issues Raised

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[. . .] America's treatment of Assange seems to be costing the government a great deal of credibility throughout the world. A cost benefit analysis would allow the stakeholders to improve the reputation they have acquire as a result of the way this ordeal was handled The primary stakeholder in a cost benefit analysis is the American government and some of her allies.

Ethical issue 3

Attempting to sensor free speech and infringe upon the rights of a free press and also ethical issues that arise in this case. These ethical issues do indeed have legal ramifications. Attempting to prevent free speech and freedom of the press is a violation of the constitution of the United States. In the United States and in democracies all over the world freedom of speech and a free press all the hallmarks of a healthy democracy.

Alternative solution 1

Rights Theory can be applied to this issue. Rights based theories contend that "rights form the basis of obligations because they best express the purpose of morality, which is the securing of liberties or other benefits from rights holders."[footnoteRef:2] This particular theory can be applied to this situation because it focuses on basic human rights. Human rights in American society are taken seriously and free speech and freedom so speech are an aspect of human rights. Stakeholders would benefit from the application of this alternative because it ensures that their rights will be protected and they will have the ability to express truth without the fear of government intimidation. The stakeholders are all citizens of democratic countries, Wikileakes and the press in general. [2: Grading Rubic for Conference]

Alternative solution 2

Kantian theory can also be applied to this situation. Kantian theory asserts that human beings have absolute rights related to freedom of speech. In this situation the Kantian theory would appeal to the humanity of the situation and assist decision makers in focusing on what is important for the overall security and safety of society. A society without freedom of speech or free press is void of true expression or the ability to be heard and understood. The stakeholders would benefit from a system that recognizes their inherent rights as human beings and seeks to protect such rights. The stakeholders in this case are citizens, governments and the press.

Recommendation for Ethics issue 1

Alternative solution 1, utilizing procedural ethics, is the best solution for this particular ethical issue arising from the treatment of the Wikileaks. This particular alternative is recommended because it will allow that American government to thoroughly investigate its actions in terms of fairness. The government has received a great deal of criticism for the way it has interacted with Wikileaks and procedural ethics might assist the government as it pertains to making better decisions as it relates to Wikileaks. In addition if the government wants to avoid legal battles related to its actions this approach should be taken into consideration.

Recommendation for Ethics issue 2

Alternative solution 1, utilizing deontological ethics, provides the most optimal solution for this ethical issue arising from the treatment of Assange by the government. This Recommendation is made because deontological ethics is dedicated to doing the right thing just because it is the right thing to do. This philosophy is consistent with what America claims to stand for and as such it should be the approach used by the American government in addressing Assange's actions. This ethical standard is also consistent with the human rights standards that the United States and other developed nation's claim to espouse.

Recommendation for Ethics issue 3

Alternative solution 2, the Kantian ethics, is most appropriate for handling this ethical dilemma. This recommendation is made because this approach focuses on the importance of absolute rights. The issue of freedom of speech and a free press is based on the concept of inherent or absolute rights. As such this approach would be the most beneficial in ensuring that freedom of speech and of the press is not hindered as it pertains to the Wikileaks case.

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Grading Rubric for Conference

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks faces 'very aggressive' investigation by U.S. [END OF PREVIEW]

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