Wikileaks and Governance Transparency Essay

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Wikileaks and Governance Transparency

Wikileaks is a group of cyber explorers who have come out to explore and reveal the secrets of governments in the world. It is not a cyber security terrorist. Many people confuse or fail to get the innate functions and intentions of Wikileaks in the world. Wikileaks is an online international corporation publishing secret information that has been hidden by governments, corporations, famous people, and business organizations. It does not make a profit or any gain from what it does in the online market. The company releases enormous media from well-known sources. The sources are kept anonymous due to security reasons. The company has been in existence since 2006. Though credible sources have not ideally found the founder of Wikileaks, it is believed that Julian Assange of Australia is the founder of this site. Because of releasing much credible and classified information that has been hidden to the public, reputed confusion and suggestions have come from the government and the public in support or dispute of Wikileaks. Governments proclaim that Wikileaks is an international cyber-crime facet that should be eradicated in the world: many voices from the public perceive Wikileaks as a credible source that enable the public access government and organization information that is critical and sentimental to growth and development of their governments.

The origin of the company is a threat to many governments with no transparency

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Since its inception, Wikileaks has put many organizations, persons, and governments in high alert. For instance, the governments of Australia, Kenya, United States of America, and many other super powers have been put on high alert over leakage of their detrimental information to the public. One thing that comes out clear is the fact that Wikileaks has assisted many people in accessing information. If it were not for this company, transparency could not have been restored in handling different matters related to governance. This information that been held under tables by governments and individuals. However, the fact is that their release has made many government officials and strategies transparent in nature fearing any massive release of information to the public.

Essay on Wikileaks and Governance Transparency Assignment

Aims of the company targets increased transparency and not criminality

Wilkileaks targets a number of informative documentation. Most of the documents aimed by the company come from governments and businesses. The illegalities committed by governments to the people make a terrific deal of information to Wikileaks. For instance, the company aims at releasing credible information as concerns deaths, brutal killings, government scandals and corruption cases, military wars and accomplishments, and many other pieces of information prevented from the public domain. No other company or organization has come out to explore and reveal critical information as done by Wikileaks. The company has been facilitative to the public domain in the world.

Wikileaks serves the society more than the government and organizations

The Wikileaks group has released a number of documents that have formed front-page news items in the world. Nonetheless, the embrace by the public could not deter the stand taken by the company and its intentions to release more information to the public domain. The public perceives the company as a solid foundation that has come out to be at its service. Nonetheless, many governments and organizations under search have disputed the company as a criminal organization. If the organization were a criminal-objected body, most of its objectives would have not entered the public domain. It is unwarranted to have a criminal organization that accesses government information and lets to the public. The release of brutal killings in Iraq during the Afghanistan war is a truth that the organization is after revealing the truth to the whole world and not perpetuating acts of violence and criminality.

Wikileaks is highly sophisticated and works with governments unknowingly

During the Afghanistan war, Wikileaks released pieces of information that concerned collateral murder videos, war and attacks in Afghanistan, Baghdad, and many other places that were at war during the Afghanistan war. The video footages and documentaries had been prevented from the public domain since most of them were against the common human rights in the society. Moreover, the war in Iraq happened to have captured many interests from the company. Many governments are working with Wikileaks without their knowledge. The intention of the company is to reveal every truth prevented from the public domain. Deeming the company as a criminal or cyber-crime organization is as good as naming the companies as perpetuators of blocked transparency in the world.

Wikileaks leaks out information with comprehensive evidence

Wikileaks exists as a company that has its intentions and goals to be achieved for the success of the public. According to the website of the company, the main aim of Wikileaks is to bring urgent news and publications to the public domain. In order to let the public be informed of everything that takes place without its knowledge, Wikileaks releases original prints that come alongside news stories so that historians and other readers can have the stories together with their immediate proves. Without the actions of the company, it would be hard for the public to access some of the critical information that benefits their generations to come (Higgins 129).

Wikileaks has reputable intentions over government status

Moreover, they begin to claim Wikileaks as a cyber-crime organization that has nefarious intentions over their status. Nonetheless, the surety of data and publications by Wikileaks demonstrate that the company is positive and intends to inform the public of the hidden information in their custody. The other role played by the company is to protect the interests of journalists and whistleblowers who are often implicated for their publication of hidden information. This case has happened in many societies and governments. The targets of Wikileaks are to protect the interests of these people so that they can have their services received and accessed by people without any interference. Many governments have been perpetuating acts of blocked transparency and impunity. For instance, Wikileaks has assisted to release and reduce cases of journalism killings in the world.

Before the foundation of Wikileaks in the world, many journalists and information presses had been shut down for their possession and release of "sensitive" information to the public. The sensibility of such information is its truth that is likely to interfere with the governments motives if released to the public. As a matter of fact, many people have been killed and/or jailed after being perceived with sensitive and classified information that was almost getting to the public (Domscheit-Berg et, al 12-14).

When Wikileaks established an online "drop box," its intention was to establish an online and secured channel through which information could be released to journalists who will propagate the same information to the public. The interests of journalists and the public are at considerable risk since the mechanisms put by governments and organizations are limited to stoppage of access to this information by everybody in the world. Initially, it was possible to have diverse cases of impunity and corruption plus deaths without the knowledge of journalists and the public. Nonetheless, the birth of Wikileaks led many governments and organizations to practice sobriety and openness to the public in order to avoid embarrassing moments. To some extent, transparency has been restored in many governments (Sifry 57).

Wikileaks promotes freedom of press and not criminality in governments

The freedom of the press has been put in such an awkward state by the reactions governments have upon Wikileaks. Many governments have not received the innate intentions of Wikileaks. Wikileaks functions like cyber-crime personalities. The channels to access every bit of information is classified and standardized to an extend that many governments can claim breach of law in access to government property. Such claims have led many people to think that Wikileaks is a crime-related company in the world. However, Wikileaks has opened many accessories and classified information that has left such governments shrinking and submitting to democratic openness and transparency. In many organizations, the activities of Wikileaks are appreciated since they help the public to know what the government does during critical moments (Leigh 67).

Wikileaks is an association that has taken the world by a surprise because of its activities in the society and the world as a whole. The organization was established as an information release centre that enabled the public to access lucrative information owned by the governments. Nonetheless, the perceptions of these governments have made many people view Wikileaks as a crime-related organization. Though many crime activities cannot be known if they are behind the actions of Wikileaks, the governments have been forced to embrace responsibility and transparency in order to eradicate cases of critical information that influences the public otherwise (Nicks 23).

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