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One of the most profitable things the club has done is make it a family venue. Anyone over the age of 18 can enter its premises and those under 18 can come in if they are with a parent or adult guardian. The Wild horse is strategically placed near many well-known Nashville Hotels including the Opry Hotel, which is a few miles away.

The cover charge Monday - Thursday is $4 and Saturday & Sunday is $6, except for concerts and special events. Cover begins at 7 p.m. daily, except for concerts and special events when it begins at 5 p.m. See our concert calendar for a complete list of concerts and special events (Wild Horse Saloon (http://www.wildhorsesaloon.com/)."

Because the club offers dancing and eating there is a restaurant atmosphere upstairs with a dance club ambiance downstairs. The restaurant serves the usual touristy American fair and the servers are dressed in Levis, boots and country western shirts. The drinks are reasonably priced as are the meals. One can get a meal for 7-10 bucks and then dance off the calories downstairs on the shining hard wood dance floor. The Wild Horse is well-known for the live performance such as Faith Hill, Dan Seals, and others but it also has lesser known bands who can apply to be featured there either as an opening band or as the main act.

The Wild Horse hospitality is what brings the guests back again and again. The service is excellent, the ambiance is something that stays with the guests long after they have gone home and the opportunity to hear some of the best acts in the world on the stage are all things that the Wild Horse offers the public.

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The Wild Horse Saloon has gained world wide acclaim for its ambiance and ability to entertain and for those who live in the Nashville area it is a local gold mine. Those who have the chance to travel to Nashville and stop in at the Wild Horse will find themselves taken by the friendly yet active atmosphere the club provides.


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Author not available (1994). WHEN THEY'RE NOT DANCIN', THEY'RE WATCHIN'., St. Louis Post-Dispatch, pp 01H.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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