William Blake's Holy Thursday Term Paper

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Blake shows us what is obvious to naked eye i.e. children going to the Church to praise the Lord without any worries in their hearts or minds. They are happy and this is what the poet focuses on entirely. We are not told about the social condition of these children who are actually poor and some even orphan as is clear from given footnotes. Blake was one of those who did not believe in established religion. Part one of Holy Thursday doesn't reveal his own religious beliefs because they have been saved for the second part. In the second Holy Thursday, we come across a very harsh and Blake world of the same children. Things have suddenly changed for the worse; Children are no longer shown as delightful beings but as victims of extreme poverty and misery who, the poet believes, have been forgotten by the Lord. This part reflects Blake's religious views correctly because it thrashes established religion and seems to thrash religious dogmas on the whole. Blake maintains that with the kind of misery these children face everyday, how can they go to Church with any real love for God. "Is that trembling cry a song? / Can it be a song of joy? / And so many children poor? / It is a land of poverty!" Blake feels that in a world that has everything in abundance, these children are still suffering in scarcity, which shows that God doesn't love them or has deliberately left them at the mercy of circumstances. Blake's poems Holy Thursday again reveal the contrast that marks all his great poems- a contrast between the world of beauty and the world of misery. While children should actually be living a life as carefree and beautiful as portrayed in the first part, the reality is quite different for the poor as they are left to weather the hardships of life. This poem was actually a statement against fixed religious beliefs and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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