William Blake's Painting Binding Satan From Heaven Thesis

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William Blake's Painting "Binding Satan from Heaven"

William Blake's "Binding Satan from Heaven"

The battle of good and evil is a constant struggle seen in religions all over the world. Within Christianity it is represented between the fight between God and his former right hand man, Satan. The painting by William Blake represents Satan's loss and banishment out of heaven, but also the representation of Satan as a dangerous monster who is responsible for the sins of mankind. With Arch Angel Michael's restraint of the monster, we as men are one step closer to regaining the grace of God.

Within the Bible, Satan proves to be the direct cause of all of humanity's grief and despair. He is the reason good Christians are tempted into sinning, starting from the very beginning. Satan was the one responsible for the first sins of Adam and Eve, who were then banished from the Garden of Eden. He is mankind's most dangerous enemy in disguise, and therefore we are all in need of protection from his treachery. His representation in Blake's painting is ugly and monstrous. This is meant to portray his evil and vile nature, along with to strike fear in the hearts of men with his image. The more vile and beast-like Satan is represented, the less we remember that he was at first an angelic figure -- the right hand of God.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Thesis on William Blake's Painting Binding Satan From Heaven Assignment

This image of Satan is very rarely produced in Christian art, and is not represented here in Blake's painting; however we all must remember that Satan was once a top angel. With his fall from heaven an grace, he disgraced himself and was then represented as a monster, a hideous beast. Satan's rebellion against God caused his disposition from heaven and fall into hell. When he spoke out against God, he took up arms against… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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