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He attributes our experiences with the world (Nature) that we live in as 'support' or helpful to helping humans create their own constructs of what is good and bad, right or wrong: "... no testimony can be admitted which is contrary to reason, reason is founded on the evidence of our senses." Thus, reason determines an individual's judgment on the goodness of an act, and ultimately shapes the concept of what is good within him/her.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge offers a different view of the concept of melancholy compared to John Keats, despite their being both Romanticist poets of the 19th century. Coleridge offers a positive outlook at melancholic contemplation in "The Nightingale," where he centers his attention on how people get relief and brief happiness over a moment's listening to the voice of the Nightingale. Nature and humanity is evidently working in harmony in this poem, where happiness overpowers sorrow with the sweet song of the Nightingale. Keats, on the other hand, offers a sad note to the theme of melancholy in the poem, "Ode on a Grecian Urn," where he shows his sadness over humanity's frivolous preference for beauty over happiness. He tells his readers, "When old age shall this generation waste / Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe..." As his way of illustrating how, beauty is fleeting, while happiness should be humanity's main concern, because it is lasting and unpretentious (the truth).

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The poems of emotions prevalent among the Romanticist poems delve mainly into more 'human' issues and topics, as compared with the Age of Reason poems, which centers on structure and form rather than the relevance of the theme to its readers. In the Romanticist poems, people are able to relate directly, since these poems evoke emotions about particular issues and concerns of people, such as concern about Nature or humanity's happiness or sadness. Enlightenment poems, on the other hand, are considered more 'structured' because of its academic treatment of poems, where themes of morality and satire are prevalent.

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The Romantics and Symbolists both center their works of art in expressing their feelings and thoughts into artistic form. However, the similarities between the movements end there. Symbolists are known to use symbols in their poetry by using imagination and indirect insinuations about a theme, disregarding traditional conventions on poetry (as illustrated in Edgar Allan Poe's "A Dream within a Dream"). Romantics, on the other hand, evoke feelings and emotions without losing their touch with Nature; that is, they still subsist to reality (unlike the Symbolists) and human experience as one way of expressing their feelings… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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