Is Wind Power Green? Research Paper

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¶ … moves in energy prices are showing how the world is at or near peak oil production. This is troubling, as it means that developed and emerging economies must find alternate sources. One possible resource is wind energy. This is a renewable reserve that is using the power of the wind to generate electricity without polluting the atmosphere.

However, renewable energy is often seen as expensive and unreliable. As there are variety of organizations and individuals, who have a stake in maintaining fossil fuel-based reserves. To make matters worse, any attempt to move the world away from this source is often seen as anti-competitive. This is because these firms are interested in increasing their bottom results (so that the price of their stock will rise). As a result, these companies and organizations have no interest in promoting renewable resources. In this paper, we will prove that the use of alternative sources can address the world's current and future energy needs. All that is required is the commitment towards making these resources mainstream. This is when the costs will decrease (allowing this source to become more practical).

What is Wind Power?

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Wind power is when a large generator is connected to a turbine. As the wind is blowing its blades will turn, producing electricity. In the last several years, worldwide generating capacity has increased by an average of 25% a year. Moreover, the costs (for this technology) have come down with oil prices remaining at around $80.00 per barrel. This has led to renewed calls for expanding this resource in order to address the world's energy needs. However, there are also many skeptics who believe that this is not efficient and are calling for the development of other sources (such as: natural gas and coal). This has caused some programs to face challenges from these individuals (who are spreading half-truths or outright lies). ("Fossil Fuels and Minerals," n.d., 173 -- 215)

Drawbacks of Wind Power

TOPIC: Research Paper on Is Wind Power Green? Assignment

There are several drawbacks associated with wind power to include: the costs and the impact that it is having on the landscape. In the case of costs, many opponents will argue that wind does not produce enough electricity to justify the expenses. For example, to power an entire community will requires having acres of wind farms. This will cost tens of millions of dollars and it cannot produce the same kind of results as natural gas or coal operated power plants. Moreover, many individuals will argue that use of clean coal technology could negate its environmental impact (through the negative effect it is having on businesses). While natural gas has a limited effect on the environment. According to opponents, a smaller plant is the most productive way to address these challenges and use other clean resources. This will provide results that can address current and future needs… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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