Windfarms Grant Proposal for in Wellington Colorado Grant Proposal

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Grant Proposal for Windfarms in Fort Lauderdale, Southwest of Florida

In the United States, the prices of electricity will continue to rise since the electricity supplies depend on natural gas turbines. Over the next decade, approximately 272 gas plants are presumed to be connected to the grid, and the natural gas is projected to be unstable. Faced with this scenario, the market process of the natural gas will continue to rise. Thus, it is imperatively wise to shift to the cost-effective wind energy sources, which are not influenced by the market pricing. The wind source is abundant in Fort Lauderdale located at the Southwest of Florida. Moreover, the Fort Lauderdale is 7 miles to the beach, and adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, the costs of wind turbine and other capital infrastructures to develop the wind farms are cost effective. The robust benefit of the wind energy is that the main source of energy is free after the capital costs have been finalized. In this sense, the wind energy guides against the price volatility associated with the natural gas.

Statement of Problem

The data from Census Bureau (2015) reveal that the total population of Fort Lauderdale in Florida is 178,590 and the target population vulnerable to heat are:

Elderly people above 65 years of age are 15.3% (27,324) of the population

Disable 10% (17,859) of the population, and Children 5 years and younger 5.2% (8,930), and Person in poverty 21.2% (37,861).

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Based on the listed statistics, 51.5% (91,973.8) of the population are vulnerable to cold. In the Fort Lauderdale, natural gas, coal and oil are the sources of energy, which are non-renewable, and these sources of energy have a potential to diminish and expensive to extract. The price of natural gas in Fort Lauderdale was $16 per $/Mcf (per thousand cubic feet) in February 2016 and the national average rate was 8.39 $/Mcf more than 91% increase.

"On a year-over-year basis, residential natural gas prices in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) increased approximately 1%, from 15.92 $/Mcf (February 2015) to 16.00 $/Mcf (February 2016)." (Utility Local, 2016 p 1).

Grant Proposal on Windfarms Grant Proposal for in Wellington Colorado Assignment

As being revealed in table 1, the prices of natural gas in Fort Lauderdale compared to the national average increase month by month.

Table 1: Month

Fort Lauderdale



February (2016)

16.00 $/Mcf

8.39 $/Mcf



16.78 $/Mcf

8.30 $/Mcf



19.15 $/Mcf

9.29 $/Mcf



21.56 $/Mcf

10.06 $/Mcf



23.37 $/Mcf

12.59 $/Mcf



24.41 $/Mcf

16.37 $/Mcf


February (2015)

15.92 $/Mcf

9.10 $/Mcf


Moreover, there was 7.9% average population increase between 2010 and 2015 in Fort Lauderdale, revealing that there would be more pressure on the demand for the natural gas in the future that might lead to the increase in the costs of electricity. A conversion of electricity to gas may be the solution to address the problem of electric rate volatility, however, implementing this solution is expensive and not cost effective. Moreover, the price of natural gas is becoming more volatile because the cost is linked with the electricity. Lack of sustainability is another question since a conversion of electricity to gas generates more carbon emission than the wind power.

A previous project in wind energy has demonstrated that wind project is more cost effective than other sources of energy. For example, a wind project completed at Walla Walla County shows that wind project is cost effective than the fossil fuel. Moreover, the advanced in the technology has reduced the costs of the wind turbines. The federal and state legislations across the United States have also promoted the incentives to use the renewable energy sources.

More importantly, the agriculture is one the major industries in Fort Lauderdale. Typically, the farmers in the city embark on a community garden and urban farming. However, many farmers in Fort Lauderdale are still using the natural gas as the sources of power for the farm making the use of non-renewable energy to increase the costs of operations. Other sectors in Fort Lauderdale are also being affected with the high cost of electricity thereby increasing their costs of operations. Faced with these problems, the energy generated from the wind will be the solutions.


The project presents the following assumptions:

The eligible population of Fort Lauderdale will not decline

There will be a population increase that will lead to more demand for the electricity, which may increase the rate of electricity.

The cost of non-renewable energy sources such as natural and coal will rise.

Grant Proposal Objective

The objective of this grant is to develop the grant proposal for the development of Wind Turbines and Wind Farms for the Fort Lauderdale in the Southwest of Florida. By developing the wind-generated energy for the community, businesses, and low-income communities will be able to have access to a cost-effective energy source that will assist them supplying power for their home and business.


The project proposes using the wind power as the renewable energy, and the installations of the components will be implemented for the Wind Farm and Wind Turbine. The wind farm consists of a group of wind turbines installed in the same location to generate electricity. The proposal will consist of several hundreds of wind turbines that will cover the extended areas that are more than hundreds of square areas. Generally, the economic wind generators will have a wind speed of 10 mph (16km / h) or more, and ideal location to install the wind turbines will be near a constant flow of non-turbulent wind in the whole year where there will be a minimum sudden burst of wind. The wind farms location will be validated with the wind measurements since the meteorological wind data will not be sufficient for an accurate measurement of the project. Moreover, the proposal will collect the site-specific data of the wind direction and speed to determine the suitability of the site for the project.

The local winds will be monitored for up to a year to assist in designing the detailed wind map before the wind generators are installed at the site. Essentially, the wind blows at a faster rate at higher altitudes than lower altitude because the influence of drag is reduced. Moreover, increase wind velocity is affected by surface roughness, topography, upwind obstacles such as building or trees. According to the power law, the wind speed rises to the 7th root of altitude proportionally. By doubling the altitude where the turbine is installed, there will be an increase of the expected power by 34% and wind speeds by 10%. The Fort Lauderdale will be suitable for the project based on the topography of the town. Typically, Fort Lauderdale is very close to the Atlantic Ocean, and the location is suitable for the project because of the abundant of wind power. Moreover, the sleek 20-foot blades of the turbine will be located at the 70 feet high. A distance of 7D (7 x Rotor Diameter between the Wind Turbine) will be set between each turbine within a fully developed wind farm, and placed in the hilly areas. The individual turbines will be interconnected at a medium voltage of 34.5 kV power collection system. There will be an increase of medium-voltage electric current with the connection of high transmission system. Thus, the project will install the collector system, substations and allow access to roads for all turbine sites. The wind turbine aerodynamics will be evaluated to measure the airflow and forces. (Herberta, Iniyanb, Sreevalsanc, et al. 2007).


The proposal will use several criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of the project. First, the proposal will use the cost-benefit analysis for the evaluation. Comparative analysis of the wind power with other renewable energy projects reveals that the wind energy has been identified as the most cost-effective renewable energy since the project costs will only involve the cost of installation because the wind is supplied free of charge. While the solar energy is only cost effective in the areas where there are a plenty of sunlight such as California, and Texas, however, the wind energy can be installed in nearly all locations. (Silver lodge Consulting, 2015). Fig 1 reveals costs of components of the renewable energy revealing that the wind energy is the most cost-effective of all the renewable energy sources. Typically, the capital fixed and average costs of the wind energy are the lowest. (Lizard, 2014).

Fig 1: Components Cost of Renewable Energy

Source: Energy Innovation (2015).

Moreover, the wind power ranging between 1.97 MW and 7.5 MW are sufficient to supply energy for 5000 people. Wind power is an energy system using the turbine to produce energy. The big wind capacity can range from 1.97 MW to 7.5 MW sufficient to produce electric energy for 5000 three-person households. The big wind project will also supply energy to the telecommunication sites and businesses. Moreover, the capital costs and cost of installation of wind power has fallen in the last few decades. For example, the costs of megawatt have fallen from… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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