Wireless Clients Offsite Secure Hosting Services Fiber Book Report

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Wireless Clients

Offsite secure hosting services

Fiber Optic connectivity

Risk Assessment

The Assessment of the Wireless LAN infrastructure

VoIP risk assessment

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This report discusses the risk and specifications for a logistics company, CyberTrans Ltd. The company offers next day delivery services in the entire U.K region for packages weighing up to 50 kg. They also offer a 3-day shipping service for consignments weighing over 50kg. The firm operates a fleet of vehicles that include small vans and larger ones capable of carrying 30-tonnes. The vehicles are appropriately fitted GPRS tracking devices that allow the management to know the location of their vehicles with pin point accuracy. The vehicle tracking system is hosted on a leased server that is located off site. The system has 24-hour maintenance regime. This repot therefore provides a detailed specification as well as a risk management assessment for the company. This is due to the pending relocation as well as system upgrade issues. The company's technology base is to be relocated within a 2-year period and the system is to be upgraded to a wireless as well as a VoIP based one so as to make the relocation exercise cost efficient. Cutting edge connectivity technologies such as fiber optic is to be used in the system. In order to save costs, the satellite tracking system is to be outsourced but due to security issue be under both the ownership as well as control of the CyberTrans Ltd. The report includes an elaborate risk assessment section with appropriate recommendations being provided at the end.


The technologies to be applied in the system upgrade

Wireless LAN (WLAN)

This is a type of a Local Area Network (LAN) that makes use of radio frequency (RF) in order to facilitate communication between network devices without the need of wires. The Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology has the following components:

Wireless clients

TOPIC: Book Report on Wireless Clients Offsite Secure Hosting Services Fiber Assignment

In this case, the wireless clients would be the devices that connect to the wireless access point so as to access network services that are based on the WLAN and the internet.

Figure 1: An integrated wired and wireless network access (Belkin, 2002).

According to Teare and Paquet (2005), the merits of using a WLAN are numerous. They include the facts that it increases network productivity, increased flexibility and is cost-effective as compared to the otherwise wired systems. WLAN increases data acquisition flexibility (Agilent technologies, 2009) as well as the flexibility of other services such as printing. The fact that the company has little time and a resource to relocate makes an implementation of a wireless LAN technology a viable option.

Enhanced productivity and mobility

Wireless LAN has been shown to lead to an overall increase in the productivity of a work environment. Mobility is also increased (Cisco,2007). The increase mobility and productivity is of great importance to Cybertrans Ltd.

Low Cost of deployment

Teare and Paquet (2005) pointed out the low cost of deployment as an advantage to be derived from the implementation of a WLAN infrastructure. This they attribute to the relatively low total cost of ownership (TCO).

The components of a wireless LAN

A Wireless LAN framework is noted to be made up of the following components; Wireless access point and wireless clients

The wireless access points (WAP).

The wireless access points (WAPs) are employed in the provision of network connectivity to all the wireless clients to be used within the Cybertrans Ltd. organization. These include desktops, laptop, printers, and handheld devices such as PDAs as well as VoIP IP phones. The fact that Cybertrans Ltd. is involved in several activities means that they should implement an otherwise integrated wireless access point. This can be implemented via the Cisco HWIC-AP WLAN Module for Cisco 1800 (Modular) router. The router has the capability of concurrent routing and switching while providing a wireless LAN framework (Cisco,2011). Since CyberTrans Ltd. needs to implement VoIP telephony, it is necessary for the Cisco router to be used.

The wireless clients

Wireless clients are the devices that make use of wireless network interface cards so as to communicate with the other devices or access resources via the Wireless access points (WAPs).In a typical organization such as CyberTrans Ltd., they include the desktops, Print servers, laptops, IP phones and PDAs. In the deployment of IP telephony, CyberTrans Ltd. should opt for the D-Link DVX-2000, Quanta Syspine, Unidev Evolo appliances to be coupled with Microsoft's Response Point phone voicemail software. The advantage of this VoIP deployment is that is has a built-in voicemail suitable for the organization, voice recognition, auto attendant as well as system backup facility (Hochmuth,2007).

ShoreTel (2005) points out the following business benefits of IP Telephony;

Cost reduction, increased productivity, and improved innovation as well as improved collaboration. ShoreTel (2005) pointed out that IP telephony provides improved cost savings since it provides cost savings through the provision of an alternative to the relatively exorbitantly priced toll services. This means that organizations can effectively reduce the charges that are related to the voice toll charges as well as the high cost associated with operating a remote office. IP telephone enables companies to put data and voice network in a converged infrastructure therefore improving the level of operational efficiency. According to Nemertes (2004), IP telephony leads to cost savings in both mid-sized and large firms. Shoretel (2005) also point out that IP telephone increases the ability of an organization to innovate. It increases both productivity as well as efficiency through the integration of services such as Microsoft® Outlook® for an otherwise efficient call management system. Further, it is pointed out by Shoretel (2005) that IP telephony enables the achievement of productive as well as collaborative operations like unified communication, sharing of spreadsheet as well as data files, multimedia training and distributed contact centers. Overall it increases efficiency within the organization.

Offsite secure hosting services

Cybertrans Ltd. should invest in a secure offsite hosting system to enable it to host its asset tracking system. The hosting server must be secured and highly reliable so as to ensure that the information system is confidential, available and having high level of integrity. For hosting the company can use IBM System x3200 M3 (IBM, n.d) since it supports distributed office applications. The vehicle tracking server to be used is Tecnoton's, ORF Corporate edition (Tecnoton, n.d).

Fiber Optic connectivity

The fiber optic technology is to be used in connecting certain parts of the Wide Area Network (WAN). The fiber connectivity is to connect the offsite offices housing the vehicle tracking servers, financial operations office and the customer liaison offices. The connection is to be provided using a broadband service from Orange Business service. This service is to used in providing fact internet and intranet connectivity between the various Cybertrans Ltd. offsite offices and its main office.

Risk Assessment

The Business Dictionary (n.d) is defined as the process of identifying, evaluating and estimating the levels of risks that are involved in a given situation as well as the comparison of these risks against certain standard and benchmarks in an effort of determining the acceptable risk level. A risk assessment report outlines the vulnerabilities as well as provides an estimation of the cost of recovery in a worst-case scenario. The report is also to provide a summary of the remedial and defensive actions that an organization is to undertake. The risk level that an organization is willing to accept is referred to as risk tolerance.

The Assessment of the Wireless LAN infrastructure

The wireless technology is adopted as result of its support for operational mobility, flexibility of its implementation as well as its scalability. The wireless technology operates within a frequency spectrum that is allocated for the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency band as pointed out by Bruce (2000).

The technologies employed in WLAN transmission

Narrowband Microwave

This technology makes use of microwaves in the transmission. ISM bands are used in this category.

Spread spectrum WLANs

In this category broadband transmission technology is used. The Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) band are employed.

Infrared LANS

This transmission technology is employed in a case where the need for long-range is not needed. There is no need of licensing in this case

Infrared transmission

There are three main types of infrared transmission. These are direct beam, omnidirectional and diffused transmission. The direct infrared transmission offers the highest transmission speeds. In direct transmission, the infrared receiver is aligned with the infrared signal sender so as to form a point-to-point connectivity link. The range of the radiated signal is however dependent on the focus level and the radiated power.

The omnidirectional infrared system employs a single base transmitter station that lies within the WLAN's direct line of sight. The base transmitter station is mounted on an appropriate point on the ceiling and at that point, it functions as a multiport repeater. The signals are broadcasted omniditrectionally and are received by the receivers located in its vicinity.

The diffused infrared system on the other hand employs a transmitter that sends signals to the whole… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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