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The continuity of family management and the commitment of the people within the culture, and the fact that elements of the culture were clearly laid out by Bill Gore, has contributed to the culture's enduring strength (Dyer, 2006).

The leadership style that is best suited to this organization is most likely servant leadership. At WL Gore, the main thing that the leader of the organization needs to do to is to provide the means for the employees to do what they do. Getting out of the way is important, and ensuring that resources are available is also important. The culture of personal accountability and personal leadership means that there is no real need for strong leadership at the top of the organization, and because there is a high level of organizational buy-in, Gore's leadership needs only to facilitate the initiatives of the employees and their teams, which is basically the role of the servant leader.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Wl Gore Culture Assignment

A decline in demand for Gore's products would be an interesting challenge, because the company is so well diversified. Arguably, such decline would mean that the core chemical product itself has been superseded in the market. The culture should not change in response to this, however. Gore's culture is built around a high level of motivation and an even higher level of creativity. Such a business circumstance would demand innovation in order to bring more attractive products to market and thereby kick start growth. It is important, therefore, that Gore maintain its culture if such a challenge were to arise. The culture is oriented towards maximizing the innovation that the company will need to address this challenge. There does not need to be much direction from the top because that would only serve to stifle innovation. Furthermore, the company's employees have a high level of intrinsic motivation, so they are likely to tackle the challenge rather than defect to another company. The loyalty of Gore employees and their creativity will serve it well during a challenging business environment -- changing this culture will only hurt Gore at a time when it needs to be at its innovative best. So it is recommended that Gore does not make any changes to its organization culture on the basis of a change in business environment like declining demand.


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