Annotated Bibliography: WMD Annotated Webography: Weapons

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[. . .] In other words, this site does an excellent job of providing the rationale for a WMD defense program and, consequently, produces a wealth of information on the threats currently fomenting throughout the world.

For instance, the National Defense University site sponsors and publishes an array of WMD case studies which relate to specific WMD threats, fronts of operation or domestic policies and, in doing so, help to bring concrete context to the dangers often discussed more broadly on the web. For instance, a case study on Iran's nuclear program helps to demonstrate the role of this website in reporting on the whole scope of a single WMD-related issue.

According to the case study, "as the debate ensued over Iran's nuclear program, deep divisions emerged within the IAEA that delayed its decision to find Iran in non-compliance with its safeguards obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. This case study describes the role and response of the IAEA to a state's safeguards violations and examines how the Agency decided to formally find Iran in non-compliance more than two years after its investigation began."

This helps to demonstrate a pattern of response on the part of the global community, an important facet of the process to understand as the United States attempts to devise its own strategies for contending with the development of nuclear programs in the so-called 'rogue-states.' Such case studies make the National Defense University site an especially valuable one in the process of conducting a more full-fledged research investigation on the subject.

Rand Corporation. Building Partner Capacity to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Rand Corporation is a government think-tank with a large stake in America's weapons, defense, military and security strategies. Therefore, it has dedicated a share of its online space to the subject of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The resource is largely focused on devising strategies for promoting greater global cooperation and accountability in terms of reducing the proliferation and threat of WMD. Accordingly, the site offers access to a number of reports that are designed to advance regional and global collaborative strategies for improving what it identifies as limited knowledge and intelligence on the subject.

For instance, the site includes a report entitled "Building Partner Capacity (BPC) To Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction" which details steps that can be taken to help make partner nations and regional neighbors better prepared to face regionally emergent threats and to promote a sense of counterproliferation throughout a given region. According to the report in question, steps that can be taken to advance this cause "include identifying capabilities and desired end states relative to the WMD threat, working with potential partners, identifying relevant BPC ways and means, and developing a framework to assess the effectiveness of BPC programs and activities."

A major caveat to this site, which is sponsored by the non-profit institution, is that many of its reports on WMD must be paid for to be accessed. Many provide valuable information on the subject and offer actionable recommendations for how to improve knowledge and prevention capabilities. However, membership or payment of per-report fees differentiate the accessibility of information on this website.

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