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The thing that did not work for me was the space in the book that discussed on the status of the women after the reconstruction of the south. Little space in the book was set aside to discuss about the positive experiences that women enjoyed after the reconstruction of the south. In my opinion, the author should have given equal space in this section just the one used in explaining the bad experience that black women faced in the Antebellum America (White 33).

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In conclusion, this book would interest many people interested in the gender studies and women's rights. The book will provide guidance and key information on the historical abuses of women have faced in history. In addition, this book will interest the students of gender studies intending to dig further into gender issues and gender abuses that have been experienced in the past. This book is fit for undergraduate and graduate students, due to the language used to explain the concept of gender rights, and experiences that black women faced in the Antebellum America.

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The author has also opened up the plight that black women in the Antebellum America. She is a great writer, by virtue that she has provided critical evidence of the suffering and pain that black women faced in the South. The author explains of clear issues like the times when the women had to feign they are sick to avoid being subjected to hard labor. This is an interesting book for it speaks directly on the pains that black women faced in the Antebellum America.

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TOPIC: Book Review on Woman? The Book, 'Aren't I Assignment

White, Deborah, 1985, Aren't I a Woman?…
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