Term Paper: Women of Color and HIV and AIDS

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HIV / AIDS has had a grave impact on women of color throughout the United States. The HIV / AIDS rates amongst women of color have increased dramatically over the past decade. AIDS was first discovered in 1981 and was believed to be a disease that only infected gay men. However, in the years that followed the medical world found that this disease did not discriminate. In more recent years the medical community has been concerned with the rapid spread of HIV / AIDS amongst women of color. According to an article found in the Journal of Mental Health Counseling "Minority women appear to be especially vulnerable; for instance, 45% of women infected with HIV are women of color, primarily African-American and Hispanic (Centers for Disease Control, 1998; Kaplan, Marks, & Mertens, 1997); and 57% of all women infected with AIDS are African-American (CDC, 1999, Walker 2002)."

The article also explains that much of the research to women with HIV / AIDS has focused on urban samples.

In addition, the article asserts that there have been large increases in AIDS/HIV rate among women in rural areas. The article asserts

Women in rural areas are becoming HIV infected at higher rates than men, and their willingness to engage in risky sexual behavior underscores the need for prevention efforts. Moreover, women with HIV / AIDS living in rural areas may have even less access to health services than those in urban areas. Individuals living with HIV / AIDS in rural areas may face greater stigma than their urban counterparts, which could result in a reluctance to disclose, and less social support (Heckman, Somlai, Otto-Salaj, & Davantes, 1998; McCoy et al., 1999; Walker 2002).

The purpose of the proposed study is to garner a better understanding of why women of color are adversely affected by the disease when compared to other people groups. The proposed study will also seek to understand how the proliferation of the disease can be reduced in women of color. For this reason the study will focus on areas of the United States where the spread of the disease is most prolific and attempt to find similarities in the behaviors of women of color that make them at risk for contracting the disease. The study will also focus on those areas that have successfully reduced the spread of AIDS amongst women of color.


The objects of the study are as follows;

To determine why there are such increases in AIDS rates among women of color

To provide insight on how… [END OF PREVIEW]

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