Women's Health Maternal Child Issues Essay

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In an attempt to lower infant mortality rates and increase prenatal care, you decide to build your own clinic. What services will you provide for the rural women? Keep in mind their time restraints, many kids at home, commute, etc.

A successful clinic serving the needs of rural women must first work on building trust within the community. Trust is first built by developing programs and services that address the specific needs of women in the community. The first step is analyzing the demographic to determine which services are necessary. Age, ethnicity, and income level may all impact the type and range of services a rural health care clinic would provide. Community surveys and focus groups might also help with the development of clinic programs and services. Next, the clinic would need to attract the appropriate staff and administrative faculty based on the services it will provide. The efficacy of a rural health care clinic depends on the clinic's ability to address the specific needs of its clients. Special considerations include a childcare center offering free or discounted care for low-income residents. Offering childcare services would help build trust within the community. However, the clinic must invest in an effective transportation service that can help residents get to and from the clinic. Appointments can be made in conjunction with a shuttle bus service, which increases the likelihood that rural residents will be able to reach the clinic.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Women's Health Maternal Child Issues Assignment

Prenatal care services are the most crucial for rural women, who experience far higher rates of infant mortality than the rest of the American population. Lack of access to hospital services is one reason why rural women do not avail themselves of medical services as readily as those living near established medical institutions. Therefore, it is crucial that the clinic establish educational seminars on women's health issues and especially on the importance of pre-natal care. Seminars should be offered for free and in conjunction with schools, at various locations throughout the community to encourage as many women as possible to attend. Raising awareness about the importance of prenatal care may also depend on… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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