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The man is basically given permission. On the other hand, young girls look at this and think that that is how they should look. They may be drawn to the photo because of its young movie star and its pretty pink tones. They will look at Fanning's beauty and think that they want to be like her. They may mimic her look and think to themselves that looking childlike and sexy to men is what is important. They make believe that it is right and good in society and that it is their role to tempt men, to be young Lolitas -- and this is so wrong.

This advertisement does something bigger as well. Society is maintaining that it is okay to sexualize young girls when they allow ads like this to be published. Everyone who allows this or who buys this perfume is saying that they don't have a problem with it and that this is the norm. I think that the perfume maker (Coty) saying that there is nothing overtly sexual about this photo is lying. Advertisers are out to make money, plain and simple, and they don't care if it is at the cost of sexualizing children or making it okay for men to sexualize children.

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Another problem with this ad, and I understand that the perfume is called "Oh, Lola," is that they had to use someone so young in the ad. So perhaps it is the name of the perfume that is upsetting. I think of a bunch of advertisement executives (probably mostly men) sitting in a boardroom and trying to think up a name for this perfume. I imagine that they thought the name was edgy and that it would be edgier to get a young movie star to embody Lolita. Who better than Dakota Fanning who has always been thought of as having an old soul, while her young -- almost androgynously thin -- body is reminiscent of a pre-pubescent girl. Everything about the ad makes me cringe. Marc Jacobs, a man himself, of course, can be blamed as well because I think that when you are a big fashion designer (or anyone who is a public personality) you have the responsibility to not oppress anyone.

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I've talked a little bit about this ad being wrong because I think that it gives men the wrong idea about what is okay in society (sexualizing young girls), but I also think it is worrisome because of the role it puts children in, in general (especially young girls). I think it makes children look very vulnerable and it sends the message that they are perfect victims especially for rape or incest. The look on Fanning's face also sends the message that young girls may even want to be the target of sexual exploitation. She is wearing a "come hither" look that sends the message that she is ready -- and even willing -- for whatever comes her way. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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