Women Living in Western Society Research Proposal

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Protein Structure

Rb was identified as a tumor suppressor gene because of its frequent mutation in the rare pediatric eye tumor, retinoblastoma (16). Rb encodes a protein of 928 amino acids and three domains (Figure 2)

(16). Domains A and B. are highly conserved and form the central pocket which is critical to the tumor suppressor function of Rbp (17). A common motif, LXCXE, occurs in many proteins that bind to the AB

pocket. (17). The carboxyl terminal region of Rbp has the ability to bind DNA non-specifically and is also involved in an apoptotic pathway (4). The amino-terminal region contains consensus cdk phosphorylation sites, which are important in cell cycle control (16)(Figure 3).

The Role of Rbp in Cell Proliferation

Rbp functions in the regulation of cell cycle progression from G1 to S. phase. The transition from G1 to S. phase is dependent on the transcriptional activation of genes, such as

DNA polymerase (18). DNA polymerase and other G1/S specific genes contain E2F binding sites in their promoters (19). E2F is a transcription factor whose activity is regulated by Rbp. In its unphosphorylated, active form,

Rbp binds E2F and prevents its binding to DNA

(19). This prevents transcription of genes needed for S. phase initiation. At the G1 - S

transition, Rbp is phosphorylated by the cyclinDownload full Download Microsoft Word File
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Research Proposal on Women Living in Western Society Assignment

E complex. Phosphorylation allows E2F to be released and bind to DNA (19). E2F
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