Women and Men Differently Term Paper

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" These articles are discriminating because both men and women are different. Men can be described as "marked" by women if they apply themselves to thinking about it. Men have "sexy" tight buttons or "stocky" or various other descriptions could describe different men. In fact, in every day life the woman often describes the male with various adjectives. While men continue to describe women in various "sexy" ways as she continues to be "marked."

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Tennan seems to see the male as the "patriarchy" or the man who brings home the bacon. This can be related to Ann Wozencraft's article on "Gender Bias on Wall Street." In the past the men have received better jobs and higher pay because they were the sole breadwinners. However, in today's times women must work as well as men to make the income for the family. "Women now account for about half the industry's workforce, but relatively few have risen to top management" (Wozencraft 201). Women should not be discriminated against because she is a "woman." The women who are protesting and bringing a legal case against Merrill have the right to protest because they are doing the same work for less pay or they are passed over when it comes to different jobs. This is not fair. It is legally wrong to discriminate against women. It is time that the workplace recognizes the value of different genders, races, religions, cultures, etc. "According to Catalyst, a group that monitors how women are treated in the workplace, stereotypes have held the brokers back. There's a perception that women are not aggressive or tough enough, that they're not business-getters" (Wozencraft 201). Yet, many women have led active roles in the past in getting business. The problem has been that the men get the credit. Wozencraft's article brings out strongly the discrimination that women have suffered in the past. One of the best points of her article was the fact that women should be taught golf recognizing the woman is ready to meet the man head on in the golf field or at the business.

Term Paper on Women and Men Differently. Men Assignment

Rebecca Walker's article is very discriminating about women. It tells of how early she had sex and how she enjoyed receiving power by enticing men. Walker and Tennan stated that women are marked. Walker states she was marked young by having sex. Are men marked young when they have sex? Or, is it just women who are marked when they have sex? Walker states that sex is more than the act of intercourse (Walker 96). She states that it is trusting and being trusted. That is definitely true because many men and women find they have some sexual disease such as AIDS, because they trusted the wrong person. Today sex must be more than the act of intercourse or both partners will find that they are "marked." Walker states that sex for her was not a disgrace. Her article in many ways show how unbiased she is. Women in the past were taught that sex is disgraceful and women who enjoy sex are bad. It is time that women state how they feel about sex. Why should sex for women be bad? In many ways Walker's article is not discriminating because she recognizes that it is time for the woman to feel good about sex. Too many women have feelings of shame because they had sex early or because they feel pleasure. "Sex in silence and filled with shame is sex where our agency is denied. This is sex where we, young women, are powerless and at the mercy of our own desires" (Walker 99). It is about time that men and women stop being discriminating and recognize that women can be themselves and enjoy their partner.

Women and men should be individuals. The articles discussed being "marked." No one should feel that they are "stereotypes." Each person is different and often they put on masks to please the world. It is time that women tell others who they are. It is time that men recognize they can visit with men and not talk about women. Discrimination should be ended. The individuality of each person should be what counts. Walker was an individual, but often she felt she had to have a man. Schultz believed the bachelor party was not complete without a "stripper" or a "whore." This is discrimination and hurts… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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