Women in the Military Thesis

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Women in the Military

Benefits of Women in the Combat Zone

Historically women have not been allowed to serve in military combat situations. This has been due in part to the Aspin Rules. These rules where established by the Defense Secretary, Les Aspin, in 1994. Basically the rules say that women are not allowed to be placed in small direct combat units that take direct offensive action against an enemy. Although there has not been any official change to these rules, there has been some relaxation in the placement of women in combat zones (Eberhart, 2004).

This change has most recently been seen with the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Although women were not official assigned to combat units, they were definitely in the middle of the combat zone. Wars today are not like they used to be and the lines between direct and indirect combat zones are often blurry. Women are being placed into dangerous situations that may unintentionally put them into a direct line of fire. Even though public opinion seems to be split on the issue of women in combat, the Army says that it is now a necessity.

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In order to have enough qualified candidates from which to recruit the Army says that changing the rules regarding women in combat is necessary. There are not enough qualified men to fill all the positions that are required (Putko & Johnson, 2008). "According to a Washington Times report, last May the Army told Pentagon officials in a special report that if it was forced to keep the vital FSCs all-male, it would simply not have enough soldiers" (Eberhart, 2004)

TOPIC: Thesis on Women in the Military Assignment

Another benefit of allowing women to be part of combat zones is the ability to retain quality soldiers for longer periods of time. Promotion within the military is highly tied to combat service. Since women are not allowed to serve in combat roles, their promotion opportunities are greatly diminished. The military finds it difficult to recruit females into military careers, knowing that their opportunities for advancement are limited. The current belief is that most women do not want to necessarily serve in the infantry; they really just want to have that opportunity if they should so desire it (Putko & Johnson, 2008) third benefit of having female soldiers in a combat zone is one… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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