Women's Right to Vote Essay

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Women's Right To Vote

Women's rights have been one of the most fundamental parts of democratic society in the United States since the suffrage effort in the early 19th century was successful. Many fought and died to ensure this privilege for their descendants, and many did not live to see success. So the female right to vote is considered one of the most important rights that women enjoy today, in addition to the right to enter the professional job market, manage their family choices, and live the lives that best reflect what they consider to be a happy and fulfilling existence. A 2001 statement made by Kansas State Senator Kay O'Connor, however, seems to deny not only the current fundamental rights of women, but also to deny the significance of the effort and sacrifice it took to arrive at this point (Jacobs, 2001).

At the same time, Ms. O'Connor's statement that women should be taken care of by men and should not vote seems to echo many of the recent policy changes positioned by the Republican Party in the country. Most importantly, Mitt Romney and other Republican leadership figures have suggested several health care changes that could significantly impact the rights of women.

Particularly, one such suggestion is the extreme pro-life position that all abortions should be made illegal. This includes legal pregnancy terminations such as those resulting from rape or incest. This significantly impacts upon a woman's right to make choices for her own mental and physical health and, in some cases, for the health of her baby (Gehrke, 2012).

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Another recent controversial policy suggestion is to cut funding for planned parenthood, in effect removing the right of women to access birth control. Again, a woman's right to plan her home obligations and to balance these with any sort of professional life is in effect removed. It appears that this is a move towards strengthening the family structure. Weak family structures, it appears are being blamed for most of the social ills currently experienced in the United States.

Essay on Women's Right to Vote Assignment

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