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Regarding the geographic location, some of the study will be conducted through the Internet. The face-to-face interview will however, take place in areas characterized by a higher density of the studied group.

The information collected and analyzed in this study can be considered an important basis for social change. The aspects addressed by the research project can produce effects on a national level such as the investment proportion by the Baby Boomers and the amount of financial control they have on the economy. The lifestyle of these individuals and their households is affected by their retirement decisions. The way they handle their retirement plans is likely to influence similar plans for other generations.

Nature of the Study

Since the content to be investigated in this research cannot be measured, qualitative methods becomes the most suitable technique in order in the study of the problems faced by the women in the Baby Boomer population during their retirement period. Also, the research study aims at generating new theories and the hypothesis that can determine further research in the field. Based on the findings of this research, interested parties like the studied group, companies, and the government will be able to develop strategies (Trochim, 2006).

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Given the problem of the research which is the challenges faced by Baby Boomers as they engage in business venture, it is recommended that the data be collected via direct contact with the participants/correspondents in the study. This is because the researcher can then easily stimulate the participants in identifying their motivation to start their own businesses after retirement, the challenges they face as well as look into the identification of other aspects that they might not have considered themselves. This research design also allows the researcher to address a wide range of subjects within the discussion (Trochim, 2006). However, such research methods provide data that are more difficult to analyze by the researcher. This is the reason for which the research project addresses other types of interviews also, in order to provide better structured information that is able to determine suitable information for the study.

Essay on Women in the United States Assignment

As researchers have varying ideas on approaching the subject matter, it is important to establish the belief system toward the study. Qualitative studies grounded in postpositivism take a scientific approach to research. Postpositivism has the elements of being reductionistic, logical, cause-and-effect oriented, and deterministic (Creswell, 2007).

Face-to-face interviews using qualitative methods for female Boomers who have tried to start a business and have failed (to see what they self-identify as the reasons for failure) will also be conducted. The interview questions are contained in the section below.

Research Question

This research would be guided by the following research questions.

1. What motivates the Baby Boomer women into venturing into entrepreneurship?

2. What problems are Baby Boomer women likely to encounter when becoming entrepreneurs?

3. What strategies do they consider using in order to counteract their effects?

Conceptual Framework

The performance of any business is a direct product of the ability of the individual entrepreneur, her motivation as well as behavior and the challenges and opportunities that she faces as noted by Davidson (1989).An in-depth analysis of the major issue that affect or rather hamper the performance of Baby Boomer women must therefore accurately investigate these influences. The conceptual framework that was developed by ILO (2002) is the one to be employed in this case. This conceptual framework, which was originally proposed by UK Government's Department for International Cooperation (DFID) and its various approach to achieving and encouraging sustainable livelihoods provides for the analysis of the factors that affects women entrepreneurs by investigating at the following related aspects:

1. The women entrepreneurs and their various characteristics

2. The process through which these women start as well as develop their businesses

3. The nature of women-oriented enterprises- the profiles as well as development patterns

4. The meso (immediate) enabling environment that impacts their businesses (such as government laws and regulations)

5. The macro environment that includes the policy and regulatory environment as well as culture.

This research study relies on identifying the behavior of Baby Boomers and its influence on a new business venture. The study begins by identifying the general behavior that most individuals in the Baby Boomer generation are expressing in order to study the characteristics of this generation. This is intended to help determine the motivations and needs that influence Baby Boomers' behavior during the retirement process. Based on these motivations, the research project must establish the behavior of women in this generation and the strategies they are likely to address.

Given the complexity and importance of the subject, it is recommended to use several theories in order to study the behavioral model that can be associated with this category. In this case, the study relies on the systems theory and on the feminist theory. The systems theory (Solovic, 2007) is used with the purpose of establishing the principles that can be applied in several types of systems during the research process. In this case, the systems theory is used in identifying the principles that influence the retirement process of Baby Boomer women.

The feminist theory (Solovic, 2007) addresses a series of issues, like gender inequality, women's rights, discrimination, and others. In the case of this research study, the feminist theory is used in order to determine the differences that characterize the planning process of men and women in the Baby Boomer generation. In addition to this, the research study uses a series of theories derived from the literature review. The complexity of the studied problem determines several approaches to be used in order to reach the established objectives.

Definition of Terms

Baby Boomer. A person who was born between the years of 1946 and 1964. With approximately 76 million people, the Baby Boomer generation is the largest of all generations. This post-WWII generation had had a significant impact on American society with a large focus on gender and race equality issues (Ward, 2012).

Feminist Theory. An examination of who and what oppressed women -- and why (Hamilton, 2006).

In-depth interviewing. The collection of very personal information commonly used in qualitative studies (Johnson, 2012).

Post-positivism. The belief that each person has a unique view of the world based upon their own perceptions. This research will provide different observations and measurements of women who have varying similarities.

Qualitative Study. The method of using in-depth interviewing to see how individuals view personal experiences (Easterbrook, 2008).

Retirement age. The age when a person can reduce their reliance on the work role as a main source of income (Adam, 2003).

Systems Theory. The comparison of relationships common to a specific group. When the value of one or more of the components change the value of the other components also change (Baily, 2004).


This study is generated by assumptions utilized by Baby Boomers in creating a strategy as they move from one career to another. Although each assumption cannot guarantee a true outcome they include different ways of asking research questions and a willingness to commit to distinct principles.

1. Baby Boomer women who own businesses have had some degree of difficulty during the administration of their business.

2. These women are willing to share their experiences thru in-depth interviews and as participants of this research.

3. These participants will provide truthful and accurate communication to all questions in this research.

4. All participants are Americans

5. All participants are interested in entrepreneurship


In this study, the individuals whose accounts will be told and discussed are entrepreneurial women of the Baby Boomer generation who have undergone early and typically forced retirement. Although their accounts will be provided in the form of rich, thick narrative, the accounts remain their own. Interpretation and analysis of these narrative accounts provides a clearer picture of their experience, without making claims regarding the experiences of others in similar or different situations. By identifying a particular methodological commitment to qualitative research, or by claiming a particular philosophical underpinning of the study, the researcher also commits to specific disciplinary framework that requires certain approaches to data collection, data analysis, and data interpretation (Creswell, 1998; Draper, 2004).

Scope and Delimitations

While this study mentions the different methodological and philosophical backgrounds to qualitative research, it is not within the scope of the project to explain the distinctions, other than to provide working definitions for the most commonly used terms. It is worth mention that the qualitative research in this study include Systems Theory and Feminist Theory, as well as post-positivism. This range of approaches covers a considerable amount of philosophical territory, for this study, the most relevant of which is gender domination. Should this study extend an interpretive phenomenological analysis of the data under, for instance, critical realism, it might very well delve deeper into the critical theory of feminism (Fade, 2004). However, the quantitative research conducted for this study does not require it. Rather, recommendations are made for future inquiry along these lines. By identifying a particular methodological… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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