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It is "based on the continental system of geometrical proportion" and boasts the highest Gothic vault in England, a height that is intensified by its unusually narrow aisles ("Architecture," Westminster Abbey, 2012). Its "English features include single rather than double aisles and a long nave with wide projecting transepts" and the "elaborate mouldings of the main arches, the lavish use of polished Purbeck marble for the columns and the overall sculptural decoration" ("Architecture," Westminster Abbey, 2012).


The original site of the Abbey was identified as 'sacred' when a fisherman on the River Thames saw a vision of Saint Peter in 616. "The first phase of the rebuilding was organised by Henry III, in Gothic style, as a shrine to honor Edward the Confessor and as a suitably regal setting for Henry's own tomb, under the highest Gothic nave in England" ("Westminster Abbey," Sacred Destinations, 2010). The presence of the remains and images of famous politicians, artists, and other figures of note in this symbolically significant religious structure of the Church of England reflects the Abbey's embodiment of both the patriotic and religious spirits of the land.

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