Research Proposal: Work First Family Assistance

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[. . .] This is because the aim is to encourage citizens to get knowledge and learn (SFA Awarded Scholarships, 2013). The citizens will not be asked to repay the amount since it is not loan. After the scholarship aid, the state should ensure that the student completes the educational qualification. The recipient of the funds should be encouraged to maintain a certain GPA and to enroll as full time student. The student should be offered counseling so that the scholarship is rightly and effectively used. The scholarship grants should never be paid in cash rather the fund program should pay the scholarship in form of student fees directly to the university. The teachers should update the administrators about the performance of the student as well. The scholarships have a direct as well as indirect impact on the self-sufficiency of the citizen. It, for a period of few years, frees a citizen from the concerns of earning and financing his education. This offers him opportunity to concentrate on studies.

Theoretical Framework

The following diagram shows what are main factors that play a vital role in developing a self-sufficient human resource pool in an area:

A theoretical framework tells what the dependent are and independent variables. The independent variables are those that affect other variables and the dependent variable is the one that is affected. In this case, the theoretical framework suggests that four variables are independent that are setting professional goals, preparing for job, reassessment of goals and employment that will affect the dependent variable that is the candidates self-sufficiency. The counseling and scholarship serve as intervening variables that enhance the role of the independent variables.

Self-sufficiency, as the framework suggests, is fostered and raised when the citizen has confidence in himself. The WFFA program is in practice to make sure that by any financial and social means the students is made confident that he can do best job simply by deciding his direction and put effort in this direction. Counseling and scholarships sharpen the saw. These help to ensure the student that he is not alone and rather fully supported. The goal setting and citizen's preparedness will play a positive role in getting fruitful results. The scholarship will be removed after a certain time when the citizen gets employed because then he will be able to finance his own life operations. The scholarship, besides the monthly stipends ensure that the state is not only concerned about helping citizens live a sustained life but it is interested in growth and development of the citizens. In self-sufficiency, the education plays a long lasting role thus its financing is very critical in the family assistance program. The scholarships finally help grow the rate of literacy in an area and develop its workforce too.

While one might believe that healthcare is more important than education, health has to deal will sustaining life while the education helps us grow in career, profession, society and community. Thus, investing in the education and schooling is a long-term financing. Also it ends up in a state where people can do same jobs with more effective and innovative manner. An unskilled labor might be able to bear his burden and help a couple of family members but a learned person is much more self-sufficient and also he is capable of offering right direction to many others (North Carolina Division of Social Services, 2013). Thus investing in education of a person is like offering literacy opportunity to many more people. Things as well as goals become clear when a person can differentiate right from wrong. Thus investing in education through scholarship and guidance is very effective method that should be made an integral part of the work first family assistance program.


The above mentioned framework is a designed plan for implementation of Work First Family Assistance Program. The program helps the youth and dependent family members to educate themselves to achieve self-sufficiency. The framework guides how the self-sufficiency can be achieved. Offering funds and money is not enough. The frameworks solve the problem in five cascading steps that do not leave a gap in preparing and helping the member achieve self-sufficiency. When a recipient has funds, counseling, set goals and information, he is much likely to get the job and become independent.


The public administration does not simply involve the funds distribution. It is found that the Work First Family Assistance program focuses on only helping the recipient via cash. It is however suggested that a regular counseling and help in setting goals would be more productive. This will help the candidate set his goals and get employed. After the candidate is employed, he will be soon able to become self-sufficient and bear his own burden. The counseling and help other than funds will contribute as motivating factor. It ensures that the efforts are heading in right direction and that the candidate does not lose focus and becomes a useful and independent member of society.

While the citizens can easily get admission in any college if they have money, they would not be necessarily ending up in a best possible place. The program thus offers counseling and assessment along with the funds that develops the trust and confidence of citizens in the state and they are motivated that they should play their part as well. It is the mutual involvement of the two parties that will help the program be effective and to increase the number of educated and skilled people in the state and to reduce the poverty in the state. Currently North Carolina faces the economic and financial challenges that cannot be met alone by bringing financial and commerce reforms. Investing in the up building of citizens may prove a slower yet much more effective process than investing in other assets alone.


The Work First Family Assistance program is aimed to make the citizens self-sufficient. Following framework can be adopted to make the citizens independent in their lives. The program is a designed plan that sets procedure that is helpful in achieving a society that is self-sufficient and independent. It requires analysis of the current profile of the citizens and helping them set their professional goals and to achieve these goals in the light of guidance from state programs.

Figure 1: Framework for the WFFA program

Problem Statement

There are two problems that have simultaneously hit the world generally and America particularly. The population of the country is growing and on the other hand the economic situation is not very satisfactory that is pushing an increasing number of people below the poverty line. The democratic nation feels its responsibility to help the citizens and stabilize them both financially and economically and to ensure that the new generation is able to acquire both knowledge and skills. This is vital because the new era belongs to literacy and technology. It will soon be impossible to perform even laborious job without the understanding and education. Thus the state of North Carolina undertook the responsibility to take of its citizens and help them so that they are able to have a better future reducing the future rates of poverty. The Work First Family Assistance program is one such initiative but it is limited by the scare resources. The state cannot fund the education of a child forever and the child has to take responsibility of self at some point in near future. This helps the state release one recipient from program after assisting him to be self-sufficient and to include another citizen in the program.

Purpose and Significance

It would be easier to help the citizens become self-sufficient if there was only a little population or the funds of the state were unlimited. But on the other hand the reality is that the state of North Carolina has a tight economic environment where the clients are not facilitated enough by the environment and they have to receive limited funds for limited time in order to make improvements in their life. The purpose of the research is therefore to motivate the two parties i.e. lender and receiver of the program. The lender is to be motivated so that they realize that their effort is helping the citizens and that the state will have a reduced rate of poverty and will have a prosperous future. The recipients are motivated that the state takes care of them and they should pay back by ensuring that they are soon able to become self-sufficient and help the state build its economy too. The recipients should not be transitioned off the Work First Assistance Program just after the 60 months. Rather they should have achieved sustainability by that time. The state needs to ask the citizens that studying would be not enough rather the citizens should have or be ready to get a GED or High School Diploma. The program is put in practice to find out about the skill set of candidates so that they are ready… [END OF PREVIEW]

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