Work and Management Theory Essay

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There are trade-offs when comparing employees as each of these employees provide a benefit to the organization but at the same time conflict arises when organizational goals or individual goals clash one with the other.

IV. Chapter 17 on Career Management

A. Aspects of New vs. Old Career Paradigms in the Workplace

It is reported that according to the old career paradigm the most important factor was allegiance to the corporate rather than allegiance to the project. Project needs were second to the policies and procedures of the corporation and work groups were long-term in nature and it was more important to keep the group together than it was to ensure completion of the project.

B. Holland Typology: What Occupational Typology March the Writers Personality as Per the MBTI (Myers Briggs

The writer of this work is found to be the ESFP personality. The following breakdown of preferences re noted in the findings:

Mind -- Extraverted 29%

Energy -- Observant13%

Nature -- Feeling 14%

Tactics -- Prospecting 14%

Identity -- Assertive 37% (16 Personalities, 2014, p. 1)

C. Factors that Contribute to a Successful Career and Relating these Factors to the Writer's Success in the Present Career Stage and in the Supervisor's Career Stage D. Dimensions and What is Needed to Gain Possession of All the Core Job Dimensions

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It is reported that the best way to keep a job is to view the job as though working for oneself and knowing the skills that must be packaged for employers and what can be done to make sure that the individual's skills are "state-of-the-art." (Cengage Learning, 2009, p. 1)

Organizations desire employees who possess multiple skills and who are able to effectively and efficiently perform more than just one job. As well demonstrating skills in the area of the ability to effectively take charge is important. The individual's ability to adapt and even flourish in the environment of organizational change is critically important as us self-reliance, ethical behaviors, high values and integrity and a professional image.

Essay on Work and Management Theory Assignment

The present career stage of the writer of this work is at a professional level with education and training supported by skills and experience. The supervisor in this scenario has also achieved a professional level of adeptness and is extremely professional in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The primary needs in the professional life of the writer of this work and the supervisor of the writer of this work is a higher level of support from top management and better communication skills between all individuals in the organizational in this scenario.

Summary and Conclusion

The present study has compared and contrasted Path-Goal theory of leadership with the Situational Leadership Model. As well, this study has described the leadership style used by the company CEO and has examined personal and organizational conflict in the organization. The writers Myers-Brigg results have been related and the old vs. The new career paradigm examined and compared. Finally, this study has set out the factors that contribute to a successful career and examined these factors in light of the career success of the writer of this work and the supervisor of the writer of this work and has identified what is needed so that all core job dimensions are realized by this writer and their supervisor. It is important to develop and possess the right skills in today's workplace. Employees must be able to multi-task and possess multiple skills if they are to effectively compete in today's workforce. Integrity, honesty, self-reliance, and adaptability and flexibility are all important characteristics for today's employees to possess. Of primary importance is the ability to effectively communicate both in terms of the organization's internal and external environment as well as an ability to effectively express oneself and to listen carefully to what others are saying. Communication modes have undergone change but organizational change is an ongoing process that is never complete in today's business environment therefore, the ability to handle organizational change is a primary skill that today's employee must posses if they are to realize success as a business professional.


Free Personality Test (2014) 16 Personalities. Retrieved from: Basu, C. (2014) Difference Between Situational Leadership & Path Leadership Theories. Small Business Chronicle.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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