Workforce Diversity in US Essay

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Diversity Management

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Diversity Management is quite complex to understand and to understand the same, a good understanding of diverse management is required first. Diverse management includes many aspects such as the age, gender, and ethnicity of the employees working in an organization not only does it include all the above aspects but also aspects like physical ability, sexual orientation, physical characteristics, religious beliefs are included when considering diverse management. This paper will throw light upon whether or not diverse management is good for a business, the pros and cons will be discussed and a conclusion will be reached.

The challenge of creating a multicultural, diverse organization is becoming an increasingly prominent concern for the chief executive officers (CEOs) of companies in Australia and around the world. Top executives such as IBM's Lou Gerstner and his successor Sam Palmisano have expended considerable energy and company resources on achieving diversity (Thomas, 2004). Many of Their competitors have followed suit, seeking to replicate what they perceive to be best practices in diversity management. By the end of the 1990s, three out of four Fortune 500 companies had launched diversity programs (Caudron, 1998). Today, a cottage industry of consulting Firms specializing in diversity management have emerged -- along with a plethora of articles in Academic and professional journals -- to help corporate executives identify the keys to diversity and launch diversity programs in their companies." (Rand.Org, 22 November 2008).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Workforce Diversity in US Assignment

Many a time the minorities in a company face discrimination and end up putting the company into legal trouble but they are not to be blamed for this, this situation arises because the company ignores the minorities and never focuses upon diverse management. Diversity management focuses upon actively recruiting different kind of people, to be very precise different in ethnicity, age, race and other attributed, the company does so, to make the most of these diverse individuals. The ultimate benefit of these people working together goes to the company because all will have their unique way of working and the company can utilize their talents in more ways than one. The sole aim of recruiting diverse individuals is to get the maximum out of these individuals and research goes to show that, an organization with diverse people is more innovative and has more ability when compared to an organization with people who are not so diverse in their makeup.

Groups made up of diverse personnel do a better job of analyzing and attacking problems (Cox, 2001). More than one source suggests that to be competitive today, businesses must maintain a cadre of personnel who are both highly qualified and highly diverse (Hubbard, 2004). Generally, however, studies of diversity outcomes in the business world have shown that "the positive impact of diversity was dependent on explicit and effective diversity practices," whereas unmanaged growth in diversity tended to reduce corporate performance (Kochan et al., 2003; Riche et al., 2005, pp. 2-3)." company which is looking to make the most out of diversity should do research in order to accomplish their aim, a good research is very essential in order to make sure that the mind set of diverse individuals is read. Companies should rely upon facts rather than beliefs simply because general beliefs can be wrong at times but facts speak for themselves and no company can ever go wrong in diverse management if facts are stuck to by a company. There are numerous benefits of being diverse, for instance if there are leaders who are form diverse backgrounds, they will surely bring new methods of leadership and the company will have more options to choose from. Another major advantage of going diverse is that, diverse individuals will understand consumers differently and the company will again have options and ultimately this will result in the expansion of consumers and which company would not want to have a firm and reliable consumer base. "In the health care industry, Cohen, Gabriel, and Terrell

2002) argue that a more diverse workforce would increase the likelihood that minorities would receive high-quality medical attention: Minority patients would be more likely to seek medical services from minority doctors and, in theory, minority doctors would be more interested in serving heavily minority populations and better able to address their specific needs."

Diverse management has many more pros, like it creates an ideal platform for development of employees and the most important aspect… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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