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Internship Report in Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun

Brief description of the job 1

The training received

Tasks actually performed and job skills developed on the job 3

Internal customer profile

External customer profile

Actual experience in relation to the expectations

Positive contribution made during the experience


Brief description of the job

Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun is a five star hotel and is located the junction of Chongqing Road and Xian Road, bang at the centre of the city's financial, business and entertainment district. There are 458 rooms in the hotel along with 98 luxurious serviced apartments for the guests who intend to stay for longer periods of time and 45 units of office space for rent.

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As an intern I was first placed at the food and beverage section of the hotel. I spent 200 hours of internship time at the department. The primary role in the department was to help employees at the hotel in preparing and serving food and beverages to the guests. There were separate kitchen sections for different types of cuisines. The hotel serves primarily Asian and Western type food. As an intern I spend half of the 200 hours in each section. I was also placed to serve customers at the beer garden of the hotel. I was taught how to make special Chinese tea that is served to the guests.

Chapter on Working at a Hotel Assignment

On the second part of my internship, I spent 200 hours at the front desk of the hotel. The front desk of the hotel is responsible for welcoming the guests registering the guest details and showing the guests their rooms apart from providing information about the services available at the hotel. I was initially placed at the hotel telephone help desk where I had to answer calls and provide information to the callers. I also assisted in registering information to the guests and providing information about hotel services across the desk.

The training received

The most critical training that I received was at the food and beverage department of the hotel. There I had to learn to plate and serve various food item on the menu, how to take orders for food and beverages from guests and hand over the same to the relevant person and collecting guest reactions about the food served.

In terms of beverage serving, I learnt how to serve beer to the guests. Before assigning me to each of these activities and responsibilities, I was given a brief training in each one. I wanted to also to get training of learning how to make authentic Chinese tea. But the task was very technical and I was asked not to yet engage in preparation of tea. I was however given training about how to serve tea to the customers and the mannerisms that are necessary to serve Chinese tea. Serving food was one of the more challenging jobs that I had to do. There was special training for the same. I learnt how to serve various dishes to the customers as well as advice customers who the best food that they could get while placing orders.

At the front desk, there was some training in how to address the phone calls. I was given training of what to say and how to address the callers. I was given a short training about the services that the hotel offered so that I could efficiently provide the information to the callers. I was trained how to input guest information into the computer system of the hotel. I was also given a short training on how to interact with the guests at the front desk, the language and the words that need to be spoken while interacting directly with the guests.

Tasks actually performed and job skills developed on the job

The tasks that were actually performed at the Food and Beverage department included:

Taking orders from guests

Serving food for guests

Plating food to be served to the guests

Serving beer to the guests at the beer garden

Assisting in serving traditional Chinese tea to the guests

Assisting in stock checking occasionally

The tasks that were actually performed at the Front Desk included:

Assisting a traditional Chinese welcome to the guests

Interacting with the gusts while welcoming them

Noting the details of the guests as required by the hotel rules

Getting the guest details into the hotel information system

Showing the guests their rooms

Catering to phone calls

Providing necessary information over the phone to the callers

Identifying and transferring calls to the concerned people in the hotel for particular information or for other purposes.

The skills that were gained from the tasks and responsibilities undertaken during the internship are:

At the food and beverage department:

Interacting with guests and thus gaining communication skills

Skills of plating some food

Skills related to serving of food and beverages

At the front desk:

The primary skill that I gained was communicating with guests. The training that was given to me on the mannerisms and the ways to interact with the guests helped me gain useful knowledge and skills in communicating with people. I also gained communicating skills over the phone and developed skills to efficiently deliver necessary information in brief yet useful manner.

Internal customer profile

The internal customers of the hotel with whom I had to deal with during the period of my internship included the employees at the food and beverages department and four employees at the front desk. In the food and beverage department I had to interact with the employees of the kitchen. The employees delivered the food to me and I took the food to the guests. A similar interaction was done with the employees at the bar while I undertook the job of the serving beer to the customers. The employees at the food and beverage department with whom I interacted and who were my internal customers were chefs and other senior people who prepared the food and the beverages.

At the front desk, I had to interact with a host of people within the hotel and in internal customers included the hotel manager, the managers of the various departments like food and beverages, the parking and bell desk employees and the home service department. The profiles of these internal customers were also senior people who were experienced in their jobs and were qualified in hotel management and other technical qualifications needed in their specific departments.

I observed that the internal customers of the hotel with whom I interacted were all qualified technically in relation to their respective jobs. The people were also experienced and the periods of experienced ranged from a couple of years to 20 to 30 years. Some of the internal customers were also long standing employees at the hotel and had a lot of knowledge about the hotel and their jobs and I benefitted from the knowledge through interaction with the internal customers.

External customer profile

The external customers were primarily the guests. They were the most important external customers with whom I interacted during the internship program. Most of the external customers were well to do people. The external customers primarily comprised of two types of guests -- the guests who stayed at the hotel for business purposes and those who came for recreation and on holidays. Most of the customers seemed well educated and well spoken. Though it was a very critical aspect of my training and internship, the interaction with the guests was a very satisfying experience. The external customers seemed educated.

Original expectation

The original expectation from the internship that was discussed with the employer or the hotel manager was to gain knowledge and skills about the actual business processes that take place at the hotel. The aim was to gain direct experience about how employees at the hotel interact with the guests and how they conduct themselves. The original aim of serving at the food and beverage department was to learn the tricks and manners that are required in serving food and beverages to guests and how to interact with the guests who come to the diner or who order food from their rooms. Another expectation that was discussed with the hotel manager was the gaining of skills of cooperation and coordinated functioning with the other employees of the hotel.

Actual experience in relation to the expectations

The actual experience during the 400 hours of internship was very satisfying. I gained useful skills in interacting with guests and thus gaining communication skills, the skills of plating some food items and the skills related to serving of food and beverages. These were some of the expectations that I had while I started the internship and had discussed with the hotel manager.

The experience of working at the front desk was also very enriching. Primarily I gained a lot of knowledge and skills about communicating. The primary skill that I gained at the front desk was communicating with guests. Skill and knowledge about the mannerisms and the ways to interact with the guests… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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