Application Essay: Working as a Pharmacist

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[. . .] Already I have demonstrated determination and focus in the pursuit of my future career. My academic coursework and professional and volunteer positions have all related to pharmaceuticals and health care. I am applying to the University of Washington PharmD Program because of the unique affiliations with other UW schools, affiliations that will enable me to better hone my talents and develop areas of specialization as I familiarize myself with the field. I look forward to studying with the esteemed faculty at the university, networking with them as well as with my fellow students.

While in the PharmD program I also hope to take advantage of the many resources and opportunities for internships that the University of Washington offers. I feel that the UW program suits my needs as an aspiring pharmacist and I also feel that I will fit in well on campus because I am an affable, open-minded, caring, and flexible individual who thrives in a diverse and challenging environment. Thank you for your consideration.

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