Working in United Arab Emirates Business Culture Research Paper

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Likewise, locals in the UAE will be mindful of not committing the following faux-pas’s as well, as Soriano (2014) shows, when engaging in a business meeting or regular business practice:

· Never criticizing one of the powerful families of any of the seven emirates in the UAE;

· Never scheduling a business meeting or appointment during Ramadan, as this is an especially holy period for Muslims;

· Never demonstrating an attitude or air of disrespect towards the religious practices of others, but especially towards Islam, as this is the dominant religion of the state; to disrespect a religious practice of another, no matter what it is, however, is viewed as very offensive in the UAE, where everyone is expected to respect the beliefs of others with regard to spirituality;

· Never giving an open display of public affection to a person of the opposite sex;

· Never wearing clothing that reveals a great deal of the body and always being mindful of modesty and propriety;

· Never drinking alcohol when engaging in a business meeting even in an informal setting;

· Never offering pork or alcohol to a business colleague of the Islamic faith when having then for an informal dinner;

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· Never making a business meeting or appointment on a Friday as this is technically considered the first day of the weekend in the UAE, and they have just as much respect for taking time off from work as they do for getting down to work; in other words, when it is time to work, it is time to work; and when it is time to get away from work, it is time to get away from work; the two times should not be confused;

· Never offering a bottle of alcohol as a gift to a colleague;

· Never including a woman in a business negotiation: all negotiating should be conducted between the men in the office, as the culture of the UAE is focused on segregating men’s and women’s roles in society;

Research Paper on Working in United Arab Emirates Business Culture Assignment

· Never mocking or even questioning an Islamic custom in the workplace;

· Never discussing political issues such as what the state of Israel or Iraq or Iran is doing with respect to the UAE.

These basic workplace customs are how the locals of the UAE implement the elements and cultural dimensions of the state into their business practices.

One can see from the above list of items that the culture of the UAE is very carefully and rigidly integrated into business practices. There is always expected to be a show of respect for the dignity of the ruling families of the state. And there should never be any demonstration of disrespect or distrust of one’s business associate, even when conducting negotiations, as respect and friendliness are two of the powerful drivers of the culture of the UAE. Relationships are of vital importance to the culture and distrust does not facilitate relationship-building.

As business is of equal parts importance to the people along with time off from work, the people understand the role that appreciation and friendliness plays, even in business activities. That is why gift-giving is a big part of the custom: it shows that one is mindful of the other person and appreciates what they are doing for them. It also shows in the negotiation process: locals in the UAE never act with hostility or distrust of the other person or his position, because this indicates a weak relationship. Instead, the two negotiate amicably at all times.

How Both of above Items Compare with U.S. Culture and Business

Compared to the UAE, the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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