Article Review: Working While Going to School

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Working While Going to School

To work, or not to work, that is the question. While attending college, that is. In today's economy, working while attending college is almost a necessity. Studies show that "83% of high school students expect to have a job while attending college or vocational school, and 50% of college students end up working 25 hours/week and 30% work full time. This added burden of working to earn money is cited as necessary to help pay for college" (Shatkin). Just about everyone knows that going to college is necessary to land a better paying job. However, for most students, working while going to school is necessary, especially if they leave home. They will incur living expenses, they have to pay for textbooks, and they have day-to-day expenses. Another writer notes, "It's an economic issue. Students are told they will land better jobs and earn more money with a college degree" (Schlack 52). Working while going to school may be an economic necessity, but it isn't always the best choice for students, because it adds pressure, especially to incoming students who aren't used to being away from home or juggling school and work.

The disadvantages of working while going to college are obvious. Most students want to finish their degrees as fast as they can, but working can actually make them take longer to finish school. They may not be able to carry a full load while working, which will drag out their college experience. If they're working at a mentally or physically demanding job, it may rob them of some of the patience and concentration they need to study and that can lead to poorer grades and frustration with the college experience. On the other hand, if they don't work, they could be just as worried over finances, which could also affect their educational experience.

Even if the student is lucky enough to have a scholarship, they'll still need to eat, have a place to live, and some kind of transportation, and that means they'll probably need to work to provide those things. Going to college is difficult, but working and going to college is even more difficult, but it helps prepare the student for the rigors of "real life" once they leave school. Most families have to balance work and managing a family, and working while going to school is good preparation [END OF PREVIEW]

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