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It may not mean that anyone is really angry upset with a situation or person. If there is a conflict, it should be discussed by the people involved in a problem-solving way without assigning blame. The actual areas of conflict should be identified as clearly as possible and in language that is culturally and sex-neutral. If the individuals involved cannot resolve the differences, the individuals should take the issue to the supervisory level in a problem-solving way. All should agree that then they come to resolution, all will work hard to implement it. Throughout the process all involved must be treated with respect and with the understanding that with different cultural backgrounds, individuals may see situations quite differently.

13.Identify a process within the classroom that involves gathering and distributing information. For example: hearing individual students reading and changing of reading books or individual reading recovery sessions. Observe how the information is gathered and made available to relevant stakeholders such as Teachers, other teacher aides or parents. For example: Are there checklists for tracking progress, individual students folders, or a central folder? Write down your observations so that the reader can fully understand the process. Are there any suggestions that you could make to increase the effectiveness of the process?

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Our teachers score projects using a matrix. In the "down" column, the teacher lists all the elements required in a project. For instance, for an oral report, the teacher may require an introduction, a discussion, a conclusion, some kind of visual aid, and for the student to answer questions from classmates. Across the top, the teacher might list "absent," "minimal," and "detailed." In each box, the teacher notes supporting evidence. He or she might note that the student, who was talking about volcanoes, simply held up the word "volcanoes" for a visual, while another student found a picture on the internet and printed it out, and another student constructed a cut-away model. The students are given the matrix ahead of time with clear instructions about what needs to be present to rate "absent," "minimal" or "detailed." This way as they make choices about their project, they understand the effect it will have on their grade.

14. You have to Identify a conflicting issue in the workplace, then write down:

Appropriate action needed

The steps you would take to assist in planning to take action

To whom you would refer the issue if necessary

How to reach a mutual agreement

How to recognize a potential conflict

Element 3. Deal effectively with issues, problems and conflict. Performance Criteria 1-5)

Teacher aides are not in a supervisory position, but one conflict that sometimes arises is when one teacher wants to change the aide's schedule to a time that conflicts with another teacher's need or established schedule. The first appropriate action would be for the teacher's aide to ask the requesting teacher to talk to the teacher whose schedule it would change. If the school does not have a policy for how to handle such schedule change requests and the two teachers can't work it out, the teacher aide might ask the school management (principal, etc.) to set a policy on schedule changes so the teacher assistant is not caught in the middle of a disagreement between teachers.

15.You are to keep an ongoing journal for 1 week on what you identify as your role in the work place. Set out your journal in the same format as you did last time but with 4 columns and include comments on your duties and consultation and collaboration necessary with others for you to effectively fulfill your role. Ensure each of the 7 performance criteria are answered at least once within your journal entries.

Identified work requirement

My role

Procedure followed


To manage Ss while T. attended to parent query after lunch. Settled them back into class ready for T. instruction when T. returned.

Supervised Ss lining up quietly.

Implemented a classroom management skill.

Through previous T. observation I learned the technique of using a clapping pattern (T/S) to gain Ss attention.

It was important that I maintained consistency with previous classroom management.

I was able to do this through my previous observations of T.

To ensure that the task at hand was completed on time and in the correct format.

TAs had a meeting to discuss the deadline for assisting Ts in organizing "under eights day."

We discussed the work that had to be done, agreed to allocate jobs supporting our individual skills, and considered the school policy in our planning.

If we hadn't taken the initiative to get together, we would have doubled up on work and wasted time. We also wouldn't have been consistent or organized.

To assist T. In organizing parent conferences

Starting with the Ss who had siblings in the school, took the schedule to sibling's Ts so those conferences would be back-to-back for parents.

Started with the forms returned by parents regarding time preferences. Followed up with phone calls to parents who hadn't responded. Produced a final sheet of appointments the teacher could follow on conference day.

The TA's made an important contribution to the student's education, because if the Ts had had to do this, it would have interfered with time they had to plan, evaluate S. work, etc. Often the TAs were able to work together on the task without taking up T. time.

Supervise bus lines at the end of the day

Be outside five minutes before the bell to supervise S. behavior during bus loading

Helped students find their bus as necessary. Made sure Ss boarded buses without pushing, shoving or other dangerous behavior. Made sure Ss stayed out of traffic.

Ss tend to be wound up at the end of the day and more impulsive. It's important to have as many people on duty as possible because of the buses and cars coming and going.

Playground duty

Be on the playground during recess. Supervise Ss lining up to go back inside. Help settle significant disputes, deal with behavior problems, be ready to handle emergencies.

Watch and observe. Do not intervene in minor problems if the Ss can settle it among themselves. In case of minor injury, send the student in with one other student. In case of serious injury, one TA stays with student while the other goes for help.

Playground duty is valuable because it gives the TA a chance to see the students in new ways and in a non-classroom setting.

Write up behavior report

Use the appropriate form and provide as many pertinent details as possible

Use the behavioral report form. Fill in all details as completely as possible, naming all students involved, the nature of the problem, and any steps I took before, during or after the incident to resolve it. Fill the form out in a culturally sensitive way.

It was interesting to see afterwards the completed form, with the principal's notations of what each student said. Each student's version was different than mine in at least one way. I wondered whether they were deliberately lying or if that really was how they remembered it.

Organized birthday exchange drawing.

Set up a form with everyone's name so all would be included.

Had each staff member write birthday on a piece of paper. Drew out names randomly and matched them to an alphabetical list. Each person brought in some kind of treat on their assigned person's birthday to celebrate.

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