Workplace Conflicts Microsoft Corporation Essay

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Organizational leaders have the role of making everybody in the organization even though they were not part of the conflict feel at peace. She says that as a leader in an organization one should never at any one time think that only the parties directly involved in a conflict are affected by a conflict. This is so because the parties involved tend to also affect other people in the organization indirectly. This means that the organizational leaders in cases of conflicts which are obvious in organizations have more than solving a conflict to do. That is they also have to ensure that all the other people in the organization are also made feel at peace in a conducive working environment which makes it easier for every one in the organization to deliver as expected.

The role of power and influence in conflicts at workplaces.

Powerful people in workplaces tend to have influence on conflicts in workplaces where by if powerful people wrong or conflict with subordinates they are not taken seriously. In some organizations where power is abused conflicts are not justly solved. For instance the leaders tend to consider some people as ever perfect or special but this just creates a bad working environment.

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In most cases there is a limitation to negotiated settlements hence the feuding parties must share the available resource and abandon the personal gain attitude and settle for the mutual gain, or in case it is not resources that are a source of feuding then they must both agree to compromise their stands for the sake of peace. On the other hand, the destructive approach will assume the distributive bargaining orientation which craves for a win-lose situation. This may increase the enmity and animosity between the conflicting parties as well as planting distrust among them which is very destructive at the end of the day (Sprangler B., 2003). This is where the power and authority in the organization comes into play, the person in authority must then take charge of the situation and gear it towards a resolution in a bid to avoid more discord among the employees.

TOPIC: Essay on Workplace Conflicts Microsoft Corporation Is Assignment

Power and influence can be used to affect conflicts in a working environment positively. For instance Susan Heathfield (2010) has it that those in authority positions or in power if they love their organizations will do what they can to see them in harmony for instance intervening where necessary. Organizations where power is well utilized and respected it is easier to solve conflicts since in respect for power people tend to avoid wronging those in power which in the long run helps to avoid conflicts. More so the way people who are in power behave influences how the subordinates behave which means if they are peaceful the employees are also likely to be peaceful and with less conflicts.

In conclusion conflicts in work places are an avoidable exhaustively but can try to be avoided. It is not that great organizations never have conflicts at all since even Microsoft despite being a successful corporation it has had conflicts and they have been solved well. It is not about how many conflicts a company has but how well they are solved.


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