Workplace: Developing Flexibility Essay

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Human resource planning is a practice that involves paying attention to the departmental performance levels and assessment of growth for extra development or recruitment. This practice enables businesses to match with new campaigns and extension plans. However, the lack of this practice usually results in low departmental performance and employee dissatisfaction. Outsourcing practice is usually adopted when a business is facing challenges such as finances and employee shortage and is handled by an outside service because of cost-effectiveness.

Globalization has continued to affect various human resource practices such as human resource planning. The impact of globalization on these human resource issues has led to increasing competition and the demand for greater performance of employees. For many human resource professionals, there is a need of employing the impact of various national cultures and practices to manage workplace diversity. This includes planning a mentoring program, managing talents strategically and monitoring results (Chan, n.d.).


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TOPIC: Essay on Workplace: Developing Flexibility Within the Assignment

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