Essay: Workplace Harassment Policy

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[. . .] I fully support and appreciate the basic workings and objectives of Proposition 36, but believe that it can be improved upon with a better understanding of the current situations at hands.

While the fight can be carried on by policy makers and administrators, the problem of the California State prison system must be addressed at a collective level if we are to expect any real progress in the state of the society we choose to consent our lives towards. Judges and attorneys of the court must assist in leading the cause and not look at prison as a tool. Rather, prison and incarceration should be the last resort for a society as a solution to the problems of crime. The true roots of crime must be examined in order to fully grasp what the most appropriate ways to mend the rift.

At the root of this issue is the idea of independence and liberty. For many, the idea of taking care of oneself is too much and prison becomes a good if not the best option for simply surviving and living. Although many California prisons are desperately overcrowded, many prisoners see stir as a way of making it through life. Shelter, food and health care, all basic necessities of life are available in prison making the streets of some of the ghettos in California a less desirable option. In the words of President Dwight Eisenhower "If you want total security, go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking... is freedom."

Additionally, in some cultures, prison is looked upon as a badge of honor. Many organized and semi-organized crime outfits expect their young members to have street credibility which can be earned by going to prison. Some may argue that prison itself is the cause and root of the cycles of violence. Samenow (2011) agreed when he wrote "among prison inmates, the main topics of conversations in prison generally concern crime, drugs, and gossip about who will do what and to whom. Inmates boast about what they have done, and they hatch new schemes. Some commit crimes while incarcerated and plan new crimes that they will commit once they are released. Some engineer crimes that, upon their orders, others will commit outside the institution. They are termed "shot callers" or gang leaders whose influence reaches beyond prison walls."

Executive Summary

It is my opinion as a policy director that the best amends for the prison problems this jurisdiction and the rest of California are suffering from is a collective problem that needs to be addressed at many levels and must certainly require new attitudes and approaches in order for any of the proposed solutions to be effective. State prosecutors, in this policy should act in accordance with Proposition 36, but still keep in mind the best interests of the people by not abusing their power and making profit off prisoners. The temptation for officers of the court to work in their own best interests are very strong in this day and age of easy money and a change of heart at the highest levels appears necessary to guide the magistrates and judges of today into a new era of compassion and understanding that fits the new age of growth, evolution and unfoldment.

This is not a mandate to the people of California and my constituents who have the power to vote me in or out of office. Rather, this policy represents a total and holistic challenge to the old ways of doing business were the prison system can be used as a vehicle for corporate profits as they exploit the young and vulnerable in or society. The collective effort required must incorporate a new approach to fear and take note of the betterment of our society as it grows safer and more secure, regardless of media images and overblown rhetoric.


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