Workplace Problem Essay

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Workplace Problem: Creating an Appropriate Work/Life Balance for Parents

Working parents

Dual career households are now the norm. Having two incomes is a necessity for most parents. But finding affordable and accessible daycare can be difficult. Additionally, women often bear the brunt of childcare responsibilities, especially during their children's first years of life. "In the U.S., professional managerial women make up only about 8% of the female workforce," and one of the reasons for the discrepancy in the number of male vs. female managers is the fact that the "disproportionate" burden of childcare still falls upon women (Adams 2007). Ensuring that female employees do not feel as if they have to make a choice between work and motherhood is essential. If women feel as if they are forced to 'choose,' companies may lose talented employees, as women will leave the more competitive spheres of industry for less pressured part-time jobs. These employees are workers in which the companies have made a substantial investment of training.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Workplace Problem Assignment

Companies may also find themselves liable to charges of discrimination and harassment if women are not accorded comparable access to promotional opportunities as their male colleagues and it seems as if women are not properly represented in higher-level positions. 'Mommy-tracking' is thus not a viable strategy, not for companies wishing to be EEOC compliant, and not from the employees' perspective, given that women who have taken a less direct career path may be the first to be let go in a recessionary economy. Telecommuting may be an option but women are often concerned about having 'face time' work, to boost their career prospects. Days lost to caring for sick children or because of unreliable sources of daycare may mean a drain on both company productivity and female career prospects. "Employers cite child-care issues as causing more problems than any other family-related issue in the workplace, with increases in absenteeism and tardiness reported in nine out of ten companies. And 80% of the companies surveyed said that work days were cut short because of child-care problems" (Hahn 2007).


The solution is simple -- bringing childcare to work. Although telecommuting is not an option for many high-stakes jobs, bringing the home to the workforce in the form of on-site childcare ensures that parents feel secure that their children are well taken care of during the day. Also, creating daycare facilities for the workplace means that parents will not lose additional time commuting to nursery school in the morning and that their daycare is reliable and affordable. This company investment and commitment can create a more positive workplace atmosphere. Employees, particularly women, will not feel forced into 'divided loyalties' between home and family. Even while working on… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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