Workplace Safety Employee Health Research Paper

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The act for Occupational and Health Safety was passed to allow safety for the workplace and work. The main objective was to ensure the employees were provided with an environment place that was free of recognized hazards to health and safety by their employers, such as unsanitary conditions, cold stress or heat, mechanical dangers, excessive levels of noise and exposure to toxic chemicals (Buckner & Koepp, 2009)

To come up with workplace standards of safety and health, the Act also established National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health as an institution for research for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA is a constituent of the labor department of the United States that administers the Act and enacts standards in all the existing 50 states. At the time of passing the bill, Congress made clear their intention to assure all persons who are working, healthy and safe conditions for working and to preserve the human resources. Occupational Safety and Health Administration was established by the act, a department of labor agency. OSHA was privileged to be given the power of setting and enforcing safety and health working standards. The act is also responsible for establishing an independent Occupational Safety and Health review Commission to look at the cases, actions and priorities of enforcement (Pe-rezgonza-lez, 2007).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Workplace Safety Employee Health and Assignment

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health was an establishment of the act, and is an independent institute for research that existed with the Center for Disease Control. According to the act, an employee is any person who engages in a business that has an effect to commerce who has employees, but is not in any way inclusive of the United States, any other state, or a political state subdivision. The act is applicable to private schools, labor unions, charities, hospitals, law firms, construction companies, manufacturers, and employers. Religious institutions receive a cover only if they employ workers on the basis of secular purposes. The act does not include those of who are self-employed, local governments, state governments, workplaces that are under the cover of federal laws and family firms. The act covers for the postal services of the United States and federal agencies (Johnson & Stoskopf, 2010). Section five of the act includes the clause for general duty. The clause for general duty requires employees to comply and familiarize with the applicable standards to their establishments, sustain conditions or adjust the necessary practices and relevant for the protection of workers while on the job and make sure that employees are using the correct and appropriate protective equipment if need be for health and safety. OSHA has come up with regulations for the time when it may act under the clause of the general duty. The four regulations are:


A hazard must be there


The hazard must be recognizable


The hazard in question may cause or likely to cause dangerous harm or death


The hazard should be able to be corrected.

Even though theoretically a strong tool against a hazard in the workplace, it may be hard to establish all the four regulations. OSHA has therefore got involved in extensive rule making that is regulatory to achieve its objectives under the law (Buckner & Koepp, 2009).


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