Workplace Violence (Bullying) Essay

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(c). Personality clashes

There is a significant relevance and relationship between difference in personalities and the vice of bullying. The personality clash comes into play when an individual differs with another not because the other person is wrong but because of the emotional perceptions they hold about the other person.

A good instance is when a manager can constantly pick on an individual for being late for just 5 minutes and not on others since he has a perception that the individual is lazy, this is tantamount to bullying (Leadership and Motivation Training, 2010).

(d). Excessive workload

In many situations the workload that is given to the staff members and the set targets and expectations of delivery are unrealistic and hard to achieve. This overload can then lead to frustration among the members of staff who may in turn pass on the extra duty they are unable to accomplish to the vulnerable members of the staff.

This then is considered manifest bullying as a result of too much work allocation. The management will take the blame for such sources of bullying for they may not want to listen to staff complains and concerns about work load and pressure to meet deadlines hence perpetuating the bullying culture in their organization without knowing. The stress that the management exerts on the employees must, as a rule of nature, find a way out and unfortunately it ends up on innocent victims of the vice.

(e). Inadequate training for managers

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This is another cause of bullying that comes from the top management in an organization. For instance in the UNISON police support staff case study, it was noted that there was inadequate training on the part of managers.

It was noted that most managers were not well knowledgeable on management strategies and staff handling, even the human resource departments are victims here, which in turn makes them mishandle their staff or subject their staff to psychologically depressing situations with or without their knowledge.

(f). Stressed colleagues

TOPIC: Essay on Workplace Violence (Bullying) Workplace Violence Assignment

There are circumstances where the stress overflow in some individual may spill over to the colleagues or workmates at the same level or lower levels. Stress levels in any organization will have a negative impact of various sorts; it could be in terms of employee turnover, work quality, organizational weakness and even conflicts within the organization.

The conflicts will more often than not show up in terms of projection to other members of staff in form of bullying.

(g). Other reasons

There are several other reasons that contribute to bullying though not in large measure as inadequate training for staff, staff shortages, organizational culture, and job insecurity is exploited by others, lazy workers, stressed managers and short-term contracts. These happen once in a while and in very isolated cases.

Even though they are considered among the minor reasons they are not negligible and it is very crucial to take note of them since they need to be dealt with as soon as they show signs of emergence.

3.4 Possible repercussions of bullying

Having seen the various aims of bullies and the reasons why bullying is still prevalent in the work place, it is significant to look at the possible outcomes or results that bullying can lead to in reference to both the employer and the bully or even the organization.

There is particularly no law that defines and deals with bullying in totality but when an act of an organization or managers can be inferred to as contravening the rules for the protected group under Title VII, then there can be legal action that can ensue thereof.

The Title VII is a constitutional provision that protects the minority from discrimination in terms of race and color, national origin, sex, sexuality and pregnancy, religion and religious practices. If an act of bullying from colleagues or the management takes the form of any of these mentioned above and can be proven to have openly violated an individual's rights as protected by the constitution, then in that case bullying can be said to have gone into discriminatory practice and legal action required.

Under the repercussions that an organization can face over bullying, there are several concerns that will emerge if there is tolerance of the bullying culture without regard to the ethical considerations. These points of concern are:

(a). Employee turnover

Where the vital component of a company or organization prefer to move to another organization rather than stand bullying from the current manager or colleagues. It is vital to know that the most precious assets to any organization are the employees.

There should be a ceaseless effort to not only retain them but keep them happy within the organization which will create an atmosphere that encourages creativity, innovativeness and productivity (Slocum J.W. & Hellriegel D., 1995: p196).

Employers should form strict rules that prohibit bullying since it is a vice that causes high employee turnover as well as absenteeism, illness and unproductiveness all of which are very expensive to the organization.

(b). Risks to employer

The vice of bullying if not put under control will result into legal and consequently financial risks when it comes to compensation of the workers.

When bullying can reach appoint of discrimination then the organization may be held liable and a legal proceeding filed against them which at the end of it all may have monetary impact on the firm.

(c). Risks to employees

There is also a possible consequence of bullying on the employees which is of great concern in this paper as the lives of employees could be in danger.

With extreme cases of persistent bullying, the employees may form suicidal tendencies or mental disturbance, or even resort to extreme violence among themselves or towards the administration (Heathfield S.M., 2011).

There are cases where employees get into distress due to stress which highly compromises their productiveness. These are negative impacts that can result into employees' demoralization and eventual lack of confidence in the organization and quitting.

(d). Government intervention/legal action

This will come in when the bullying goes to the extreme and contravenes the Occupational Health and safety Legislation provisions. These provisions have it that, among others, the employer has a duty and obligation to take care of the employees in terms of health and safety hence have a duty to protect each employee from bullying, be it from the management or the staff members.

This is of great concern to the government and intervention from the government has always been realized when the vice goes on undeterred or emanates from the top management and the employees are unable to deal with it effectively.

(e). Union intervention

This is yet another point of concern when it comes to workplace bullying. The employers have a collective agreement with the workers union to ensure the general security and safety of the employees and as well a provision of a safe working environment.

If these agreements are breached and the employees subjected to harsh working conditions even in terms of bullying by the administration, there can emanate an industrial action from the unions and this must be avoided.

(f). Advocacy groups

These are groups and organizations that come in handy to educate and defend the workers in the various organizations. These advocacy groups like the Employee Advocacy Group (EAG) will ensure that each employee knows his rights as well as obligations to the welfare of themselves and the U.S.

These advocacy groups also strive to educate employees on the legal employment terms and legal provisions of the various employment acts and employee employer relationships.

3.5 Solutions to workplace bullying

Having seen the gravity of workplace bullying, the various ways through which it emanates or manifest itself and the main causes of the vice, it is important to look into the possible solutions to the same. It is a vice that the U.S. should not allow to continue in the workplace or anywhere else and hence the urgency in tackling it.

If the vice is not tackled early enough it may end us in absolute anarchy in the employment sector and an eventual employee crisis, a situation that may be too hard to reverse. If not put under control early enough, it may end up in a situation where brain drain to other countries may be the trend.

The number of solutions that can be applied to the vice are endless and will keep varying and changing according to the bullying trends and the different work environment. These will include though not limited to these discussed below:

(a). Management response

It has been noted that bullying will largely continue if and when endorsed by the management, this may be in form of indifferent response towards reported cases of bullying and casual handling of the bullying cases (Dr. Namie G., 2011).

To stop the vice, it is incumbent upon the administrators to deal with the bullying issue with the firmness it deserves, applying all the available… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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