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¶ … Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollack was of the one of the foremost artistic innovators of the 20th century.

His style and creative techniques inspired a generation of artists and had a lasting and profound affect on contemporary art. His later work is credited with initiating the Abstract Expressionist School of modern art. His style and method of painting was a radical departure from the type of painting that merely represented or "copied" the world and objects that the artist encountered. He developed a technique and approach to painting and produced works of art which were a more subtle and complex expression and response to the world around him and his own psyche.

Jackson Pollack was born in 1912. He studied at the Art Students League in New York City and was influenced and by the work and of Charles Benton. His early works were similar in many ways to the naturalistic style of Benton.

At this early stage of his career he was essentially a representational artist. In other words, his art contained objects and elements that were familiar and recognizable and part of the ordinary world. However, the early half of the Twentieth Century was a time of radical thought and experimentation in modern art and Pollack was influenced by modern experimentation and new trends in art, such as Surrealism and other European art.

He began to adopt a more abstract and "expressive" style of painting, as can be seen in works such as the She-Wolf, painted in 1943. (Jackson Pollack.1912-1956)

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Other works such as Pasiphae and Totem 1, painted in 1944, also show the influence of the Surrealists.

The style that was to make him famous and which was responsible for some of his most renowned works was his "action painting." This was to revolutionize the art world of the time and lead to the acceptance of Abstract Expressionism. This style was not representational or conventional and did not simply re-present the world as it was usually seen.

Term Paper on Works of Jackson Pollock Assignment

In order to come into deeper contact with the reality of both the outer and inner worlds of his experience, Pollack devised a radical new way of approaching the canvas. His technique was to lay very large pieces of canvas on the ground - not on a conventional easel - and, using sticks and other instruments, he would allow the dripping paint to interact with the surface of the canvas.

He would walk around the canvas while using this technique.

In this way, Pollack claimed, he came more in contact with his medium and was able to express himself in a way that would not have been possible using conventional… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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