Why the World Should Use More Nuclear Energy Term Paper

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¶ … Nuclear Energy

Why the World Should Use More Nuclear Energy

Capacity to Provide Energy

The G8 and Other Developed Countries


Cost of Waste Treatment


Measures Required

Small and Advanced Nuclear Power Generation Plants

The Waste Management

The world energy requirements are souring with the passing days. The requirements are increasing in a multiplying manner as more and more populations are gaining access to developed facilities. The changing life styles and increased usage of urbanized amenities plays a vital role in increasing energy demands. The major developed countries and developing nations across the globe keep energy as their central focus to maintain the levels of growth they have already attained. Furthermore they aim to provide uninterrupted and economically viable energy for their citizens. All these factors combined require diligent planning and a long-term assessment for various sources to provide energy.

Capacity to Provide Energy:

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The availability of various sources regarding provision can be related to the capacity and capability of the source to provide reliable energy. Numerous options provide various advantages and disadvantages. These advantages are in terms of the cost verses the benefits of the source. A long-term view also requires understanding the availability, viability, and usability of the energy source. The traditional sources of energy are oil, coal, wood, natural gas, and renewable energy. The technological developments have enabled energy sourcing thorough nuclear power generation plants. It is a highly technological yet economical and long-term source with reliable results (Goudie and David).

The G8 and Other Developed Countries:

TOPIC: Term Paper on Why the World Should Use More Nuclear Energy Assignment

The industrially developed countries enjoy a significant contribution of nuclear energy in fulfilling their requirements. The G8 are regarded as most advanced and developed nations in world. The reliance on nuclear energy in terms of their capacity and usage is as following. United States fulfills 20% of its total energy requirements through nuclear. France generates 80% of its energy form nuclear sources. Japan is also among notable countries utilizing nuclear energy. Russia has 31 nuclear reactors providing 16% of its total energy. United Kingdom generates 205 of its electricity from nuclear reactors. Canada is also among countries relying on nuclear to contribute for its national requirements of energy. China and India are also among countries relying on nuclear energy. The G8 leaders have also agreed to develop safe and secure technologies in nuclear energy filed as the capability of fulfilling energy requirements is reliable (Goudie and David).


Environmentalists and peace protestors around the globe react to the global efforts for increased usage of nuclear energy. The basic argument is based on the safety of nuclear reactors, contaminated waste production, and accidents in nuclear reactors. All these arguments cannot undermine the capacity and cost of producing energy through nuclear sources. These arguments can be addressed through various technological and safety protocol enhancements. The nuclear energy is infect an environmentally safe source of energy production given the waste produced is treated and reused to produce energy. The emissions of fuel and gas energy are most dangerous for environment.

Cost of Waste Treatment:

The nuclear energy has the capacity to incorporate the cost of waste treatment. The waste produced through the process of energy generation is considered appropriately by the nuclear scientists and various methods of treating the waste are also incorporated. The cost incurred to treat waste still makes it an appropriate choice in terms of energy cost. The usage of other means to produce energy does not consider the cost of treating their fossils. The radioactive waste produced at each process of reducing energy is disposed off accordingly through safe treatments (Goudie and David). The amount of waste produced is also smaller than the waste produced through other sources of energy (Moore 12-16).


The risks associated with nuclear energy are considered in multiple directions. The availability… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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