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" (Adriane Ruggiero, page xviii-xix) A group of strongly nationalistic individuals was able to convince the Japanese that their problems will end only if they go to war. Japan believed that it was the most important power in the Pacific and Western Europe was trying to minimize its power. Japan saw Great Britain and the United States as their bigger enemies.

After Japan conquered the Eastern colonies of Great Britain, Holland and France, it ruled an empire which extended from South Asia to East Indies and incorporated islands from the South Pacific. As a result of this expansion; Japan was able to provide its armies with the needed weapons. Japan and Germany agreed to be allies and to support one another if a country will want to attack them.

"While proclaiming its neutrality, the United States spoke out against Japanese aggression, gave aid to the Chinese now fighting the Japanese invaders, and disdained Japan's desire for power in the Pacific." (Adriane Ruggiero, page xx-xxi) President Franklin Roosevelt ended trading with Japan when Indochina was attacked by the Japanese army. The Japanese government took this act as a declaration of war. Although in 1941 United States tried to reach an agreement with Japan, this action could not be finalized. As a result Japan prepared to attack the United States of America, but their plans were discovered by the Americans. The Japanese refused to retreat their armies from China and Indochina and attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

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"Thus, war between United States and Japan, and also between the United States and Germany -- because of the pact between Germany and Japan -- began." (Adriane Ruggiero, page xx) It was a bloody war, in which men, women and child lost their lives.

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The worst event from the Second World War was represented by Holocaust. This event represents a dark time in German history. "The early days of Nazi rule saw uncoordinated and localized abuse of Germany's Jewish population." (Max Hastings, page 432-433) Hitler's government left the Jewish population with no rights. The German leader believed that there were many reasons for killing all the Jews, but the main reason is that they were to blame for Germany's loss in World War I. Jews were also seen as subhuman because in Hitler vision the perfect people had to have blond hair, blue eyes, and need to be white. Polish and Russian Jews were killed in large numbers in the Second World War. The Jewish people were taken in well organized places in which they were starved, put to hard work, beaten and finally killed in the gas chambers. The most important place where Jewish people were tortured and killed is Auschwitz, in Poland. The exact number of Jews who were killed World War II it is not known.

Also, another important loss of lives took place when Americans dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As a result Japan recognized its defeat, on September 2, 1945. On May 8, 1945, Germany surrendered and on April 30, 1945 Hitler committed suicide. These last events marked the end of the most destructive international war in the history of mankind.


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