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He hoped that the conflicts among the involved nations would be settled through negotiations and dialogues. However, as the events occurred, it appeared unavoidable for America to engage itself in the fighting and help its allies. The main causes of the entrance of America into the World War I were the sinking of Lusitania, the Zimmerman telegram and the submarine warfare (America in the Great War, 2000, para. 3).

The Germans sank Lusitania, a passenger ship, using a U-boat in 1915. The death of about 1200 innocent people in this mournful event was the major reason why America decided to come into the Great War formally. Secondly, the Zimmerman telegram proved to be another reason for the entrance of America into the War. It was a coded telegram sent to Mexico by German government. It contained a proposal for Mexico to invade United States with the German help. Fortunately, this telegram was founded and decoded by the American officials. Lastly, the declaration by Germany to attack and sink every ship which would enter in the premises of British Isles annoyed America.

The entrance of America into the War elevated the morale of Allies. They knew that now they would have unlimited availability of resources and manpower needed to gain victory against the Central Powers. In fact, the mentioned declaration from Germany is considered to be the last nail in the coffin for them

President Woodrow Wilson's Role

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The role played by Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, during and after the Great War is of major significance. He led his nation through the difficulties and hardships of War in the most appropriate way.

Term Paper on World War I Causes and Assignment

When the World War I broke out, Wilson announced that his nation would adopt the policy of 'neutrality'. He tried to avoid war in every possible way. The sinking of Lusitania not even forced him to involve his nation in the fighting. However, when the Germans announced the policy of unrestricted submarine warfare, he found himself in no position to avoid war. "In his war message Wilson stated that "the world must be made safe for democracy" and that the United States would wage war for liberty and peace" (The Columbia Encyclopedia, 2009, p. 52262).

However, seeing the brutality and atrocity of the War, he came up with his Fourteen Points in January 1918. He announced his 14 points to initiate a peace settlement between all the nations involved in the Great War. The war ended in Nov 1918. He attended the Peace Conference in Paris and met renowned personalities who had the same intentions of a better world for the humanity. His greatest contribution was the promulgation of Treaty of Versailles of a League of Nations. This League mainly included the Allies who participated in the World War I. According to this treaty, Germany and its allies were responsible and guilty for the war. They were demanded to compensate the damages and loss caused by the fight (The Columbia Encyclopedia, 2009, p. 52262).

Unfortunately, this treaty failed due to a number of reasons. Firstly, The League of Nations faced strong antagonism. The Central Powers were suspicious of the intentions of the Allies. They were not, in any way, ready to accept the terms and conditions of the Versailles Treaty. Secondly, the disarmament was demanded from the defeated countries. This was not acceptable as the successful Allies did not disarm themselves. Thirdly, Germany did not accept to compensate such an excessive amount of money as it was in the process of rebuilding itself. These reasons contributed to the Treaty of Versailles failure.


The World War I distorted the continent of Europe by every means. It is impossible to determine and estimate the loss of lives and destruction the war caused. The people were shocked and considered the world a living hell. However, they had high hopes that the League of Nations would make efforts to create as better an environment as it was, before the commencement of War. Unfortunately, they were unknown of the fact that they will be facing another atrocious and cruel World War II in the approaching years.


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