Worldview There Are Differing Worldviews Essay

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There are differing worldviews that people adopt and these help shape the way they respond to daily encounters and approaches to life. The various worldviews are exemplified in the way people view others, how they treat other cultures, how they attach value to different items and processes and generally how they view life on earth. Apparently in as much as people have different worldviews, there are several circumstances where people from different parts of the globe share worldviews, these may be in terms of the ethics of the society, traditions, culture and even religion. This paper centers on the aspect of Christianity and naturalism with the aim of divulging the similarities and differences if any between the two.


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Naturalism is a worldview that adopts metaphysics and eliminates God from existence. It treats man is considered as any other matter that exists and here matter exists eternally and that is what is in existence on earth, nothing like God exists. Naturalism stands for the view that there is one physical, natural world without gods or spirits. In this context a naturalist not only studies the natural world but also denies the reality of anything beyond the natural world. Metaphysical naturalists give the world an atheistic view that kills God or rather eliminates God from existence. The latter is a scientific method of observation (Barbour, 1997). Methodical naturalism empirically studies the material world. Naturalism also advances the argument that the cosmos is in place due to the forces of cause and effect within a closed system, here, the argument is that the universe is a closed system and is not open to manipulation by any other external forces. It is simply a combination of space, time and matter held together from within the cosmos Sire, J.W. (2004).


TOPIC: Essay on Worldview There Are Differing Worldviews Assignment

Christianity holds the view that the cosmos is ordered and held together by some external force called God. God is viewed as infinite and cannot be contained by the human actions and imaginations. God is viewed as being forever beyond human beings hence man cannot get the total comprehension of Him. Apart from being infinite, God is viewed by Christians to be personal and trascnedental, He is omniscient and good at all times. Man, in the context of Christianity, is made in the image of God. This makes Him a special part of creation. Man is not considered an animal because he has the capacity to learn, love, create, and choose. The special place that man occupies in God's creation sets him above the animal kingdom (Barbour, 1997). Man is not god but God has tasked him with the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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