Worldview and Jesus' Worldview "A Whisper Essay

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Worldview and Jesus

Jesus' Worldview

"a Whisper Cry for Help"

The teachings of Christ changed my worldview regarding the sexual, mental, physical abuse I endured, causing me to forgive others.

The personal challenges an individual endures in life have a critical impact on their emotional state and future opportunities. These challenges have the capacity to damage individuals permanently. The damage is not physical and consequently the scars are not obvious but the hurt and pain remain throughout the individual's life. The value of a worldview is that it allows the individual to reassess not decisions being made. The worldview provides a framework through which life's challenges can be understood and overcome. The teachings of Christ have provided me with the necessary prism to reinterpret my personal challenges with physical, sexual, and mental abuse to become a better person. I am able to forgive the persons in my life who failed me and were the source of infinite, protracted psychological and emotional distress.

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Throughout my life I have experienced different forms of sexual abuse. Many of the men in my life chose to sexually abuse me instead of providing protection and love. The initial sexual abuse came from the boyfriend of my mother (Margolin, & Craft 1989). While his attacks were not instantaneous, my initial impression of him was that he was someone who if given an opportunity would harm me. Looking into his eyes was a troubling experience and at the age of seven or eight I could sense that he has perverted. He would fondle and sexually abuse me at night. The abuse was continuous throughout my formative years. I found no support from my mother who did not want to believe that her boyfriend was as perverse as I described him to be.

TOPIC: Essay on Worldview and Jesus Jesus' Worldview "A Whisper Assignment

My worldview as it relates to sexual abuse has been reshaped. While I never considered it to be a normal thing or even understandable, because of my frequent experiences I was beginning to expect that in all my relationships I would be a victim of sexual abuse. I was slipping slowing into the mindset of the perpetual victim. Looking at life though the framework of Jesus' teachings has allowed me to believe that it is possible to move beyond victimhood and be victorious. Jesus spoke extensively about the first being last and the last being first. While this appears to some to be a reference about position in the kingdom of God it means a lot more to me. I understand the statement to suggest that those of us who have been abused and distressed will one day become overcomers. The last will one day become first.

My view of sexual abuse has also changed because Jesus was a champion of little children. While his disciples viewed children as being irritants, Jesus saw children as the most fitting example of what his message was about. Jesus noted that except we become as a little child we could not be part of God's kingdom. He also stated that harming children is a heinous and dastardly act. In the view of Jesus children are very important. This was very powerful to me. As a child I felt powerless and uncared for. The distress I experienced was partly because of my difficult living conditions. My biological father failed to provide the necessary protection, mentoring, and financial support that is expected from a father. As difficult as this situation was it was compounded by the choices my mother made and her own psychological and academic limitations. The support of Jesus for children taught me that I was important and that even when you think no one cares He does. I have more respect for myself and hope in my future because of what Jesus teaches.

The mental abuse I experienced occurred at multiple levels also. My mother would use the most obscene and filthy language to denigrate me. I was also not allowed to have the best academic experience. These factors were combined with the pressure from peers. My peers often had money to spend on simple things really like fast food. I did not have available income to use in that manner. The result of those experiences was that I felt inferior to others and had very low self-esteem. My low self-esteem also contributed to the multiple attempts I made to commit suicide (Luster & Small, 1997). My mind was damaged and I felt that it was beyond repair.

The worldview expressed by Jesus addresses the mind of humans. Jesus constantly spoke to women who were damaged by the society in which they lived and gave them not only hope but the promise of mental health. When I consider the woman at the well and her eagerness to report to others what Jesus did for her. That eagerness is not only the result of new opportunities but also a change of heart or mind. Jesus was able to heal her heart from all the years of abuse she had suffered at the hands of many men. In the world view of Jesus the mind can be restored. The changes that are promised to the converted are not only behavioral changes but thankfully mental changes. It is the view of some that persons who have had the experiences I have had could not be mentally whole anymore.

The physical abuse that an individual experiences has psychological and emotional consequences. The main thing I have learnt from the teachings of Jesus is the need to love your fellow man. The love that Jesus advocated was not linked to the race ethnicity or gender of the person who are asked to love. In fact Jesus asked his followers to love their enemies and those who abused them. While I will relate to this in greater depth later in this work, at this stage it is referenced because it allowed me to reshape my understanding of my physical abuse.

I have never considered physical abuse to be acceptable or reasonable. It is the action of a powerful person against someone who is powerless. The powerless person is beaten into submission. Disputes are settled with the use of force and physical violence. Children should not be struck by adults in anger. There are differing opinions on corporal punishment, but the clear agreement is that children should not be abused physically. I think that parents need to find alternate ways to discipline children. These alternate approaches should be consistent with the view that children are precious. They are gifts that God gives to parents so that they can be later returned to God in useful service. Physical abuse damages in child in multiple ways. The physical scars will fade with time and treatment. The mental and emotional damage last a lot longer and without Jesus most people cannot overcome. Jesus teaches us to overcome pain, suffering and the hurt of others by forgiving them.

The teaching said by Jesus that has influenced all of my other views is the view of forgiveness. Jesus advocated and practice forgiveness for all persons. The forgiveness of Jesus was limitless. It is this teaching that allows me to have a sound mind at this time and also to be able to look at my mother and other relatives without hate in my heart. Ironically the first person that I had to forgive was myself. I had developed a great degree of self-hatred. I literally wanted to die. I felt responsible for the abuses and for the failure of the relationships around me. Forgiving myself was very difficult. I came to realize that forgiveness was the beginning of the healing process. Some of the bad personal decisions I have made were always on my mind. I have learnt to accept that in spite of what we do, God will… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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