Essay: Worldwide Population Increase Affect Planet

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[. . .] When we consider the effects offered by worldwide population increase and its interaction with the environment, man has never appreciated what he or she gets from the environment. The planet is beneficial to man in many ways. The increased population produces destructive gases to the atmosphere. This is very destructive to the environment. It is a nuisance.

Worldwide population increase is the biggest danger human life is gradually facing on the planet. The change in climate is gradually deploying its effects on the magnitude at which human life is being benefited. Although worldwide population increase is still a controversy and a consensus among many scientists, it is a fact that should be accepted, the earlier the better. Worldwide population increase is an overwhelming happening that leads to immediate destruction of the planet. It is a fact the earth is gradually being congested year after year. This is happening because of human intervention and worldwide population increase. The release of green house gases into the atmosphere obviously leads to certain destructions. The green house gases as carbon dioxide are getting into the upper layer of the atmosphere (Newell & Paterson, 2010). Their resultant effect is a blockage of sunrays from directly accessing the earth surface, and that the layer established radiates heat into the atmosphere instead of letting it be released into the atmosphere. At the end of the day, the layer below the "blanket" formed increases in heat with time. All these are happening because of the worldwide population increase.

Worldwide population increase is complex and often hard to explain. That is why many people do not believe this aspect of environmental degradation because of the increase in global population. Global population has been increasing since the 1980s. The recent increase in temperature is due to green house gases that were released into the atmosphere long time ago. Every beneficial human activity within a short time results in a general destruction of the environment; the present state climate is experiencing a rise in temperatures unexpectedly. According to the United States of America National Academy of science, worldwide population increase leads to release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Human worldwide population increase is to blame.

Various changes have occurred in human life since 1980s depicting a rapid increase of heat levels in the atmosphere. These are all cause by the global increase of human population and interaction with the atmosphere. Many glaciers are melting in various regions of the earth as the Polar Regions. There is the occurrence of knock-on effect within the "dark water" of ice caps that melt and fail to trap heat. There is no intake of carbon dioxide by the permafrost on tundra melts. As such, the level of carbon dioxide keeps increasing in the atmosphere with time because of the global population increase.

Increasing human activities just worsen the current situation. As replicated by the study, increased human activities are slowly gnawing far from the Amazon basins and rainforests. They are slowly burning the forest away just as it was done in the Spanish Cuba. This is even happening in a larger perspective as it had happened in Cuba and the world as a whole. The main aim of this occurrence is short-term although it has long-term consequences. Biodiversity is taking place with all of its goodness in many parts of the world. It is a positive perception to have the worldwide population increase leading to technical approaches of managing human needs and specifications in the society.

When research and analysis are done as far as this destruction is concern, there is much destruction on the environment, which has been exterminated because of the global population increase. There is an increase in the amounts carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for every single human population increase. All this is done with the prospect of human benefits. It will take a very short period before such people realize the harm they are causing to the environment, something that will get back to human life in the form of diseases, economic exploitations, and deaths. Therefore, the worldwide population increase results in the destruction of the human, plant, and animal health in the environment.

There are reported cases of differentiation all over the planet because of the global population increase. Droughts are increasingly damaging part of the African lands. Hurricanes and Katrina are happening in most European coastlines. Further incidences reputable to change in world climate and overpopulation are occurring but no action is being taken against destruction of the environment as release of harmful gases into it. As such, there are needs for man to study his ways and means of managing its population in the present world without interfering with the state of operation and existence of the atmosphere. Production of alternative sources of fuel is one of the sufficient methods. Man must sit down and reflect on the first instance when the environment was affected in one way or the other (Newell & Paterson, 2010). Destruction of the environment for human settlement should be considered illegal. As far as population will not stand such steps of stopping the destruction of the atmosphere, there is a need to concentrate and give priority to a healthy living and existence of the atmosphere. The problem is with many capitalists is that the plans and knowledge to derive such alternatives is based on their innate and discursive activities as done in the Whitehouse.


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