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¶ … wrong in Catwoman: The Movie

It is quite rightly said that results are assessed not by the effort one puts into a venture, but the results it produces. Cutting across industries, the ultimate test of any marketing venture, be it movie making, it is acceptability by the target customers, the audience in this case study who is the final judge of the product - the film Catwoman. The film is a jumbled one which is rated amongst the worse comic book adaptations to hit the cinema houses in recent years. The studio threw into water everything crucial to the DC Comics character. In a sharp variance, the Warner Brothers released and Pitof directed movie, the character portrayed in the comic, awarded her a new persona and even superpowers. The production was slick, with the Computer Generated Imagery or CGI being below standards. For example, an elementary aspect of color filtering was not address properly. The camera work and the editing action scenes made it quite difficult to understand. The movie received tremendous criticism from supporters of the Catwoman comic book character for shifting away from the core aspects of the character, with bad press that started to do the rounds prior to a complete year before the release of the film. Needless to say the film bombed at the Box Office.

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Term Paper on What Was Wrong in Catwoman the Movie? Assignment

In the movie Catwoman, Academy Award winner, Halle Berry plays the shy and sensitive artist Patience Philips who can't seem to put an end to express regret for her own existence. Playing the role of a timid people-pleaser she is depicted in a job as graphic designer in a huge company engaged in the beauty-business Hedare Beauty managed by the autocratic George Hedare played by Lambert Wilson and his supermodel wife Laurel played by Sharon Stone. It was when Patience accidentally becomes aware about a dubious secret regarding the recently released sensational and revolutionary age-defying product, she sees herself trapped in the midst of a risky conspiracy. However, during her gloomy moments, Patience is saved - resurrected with the vigor, rapidity, agility and very eager senses of a cat. Under the guidance of a mysterious mentor called Ophelia Powers which are played by Frances Conroy, Patience quickly starts exploring her newly discovered dexterity and feline intuition, as also her history -she is the recent in the illustrious list of women who have been selected across history to be gifted with these unusual powers. (Catwoman: Story

Armed with her newly-acquired knowledge and vigor, she assumes the role of Catwoman which is robust, silky, and stealthy creature maintaining a fine balance on the blurred line between good and bad. Catwoman embarks upon her adventures as she lies in wait with a vengeance, however her double life is speedily made intricate by Patience escalating relationship with the sturdy police officer Tom Lone played by Benjamin Brat. Lone is falling for Patience; however he cannot deject his charm with the female fatale who seems to be person behind a series of crimes afflicting the city. After she discovers and starts to exploit her superwomen powers, Catwoman emerges stronger, swifter and poses greater danger to her foes. With this the threshold between Patience and her raw alter ego begins to fade. (Catwoman: Story)

Situational Analysis:-

SWOT External:

Economy: The shooting of the film 'Catwoman' was made with a huge budget close to $100 million and it reveals. As regards rendering of computer graphics, it is akin to movies like Spiderman, but it is nowhere close to it and there is an absence of a captivating plot. Certain areas of the film is edited so much that a lot of sequences become unsuccessful in conveying anything and finally what the audience sees is a cluttered mass. Plus, a lot of attention was given to certain portions including Halle Bery's metamorphosis being into a cat. The costume of Halle was another portion where a lot of attention was given vis-a-vis with earlier women who played the role of Catwoman like Michelle Pfeiffer. An exclusive feature which stands distinctly apart is the ten diamond tipped claws embedded with 800 separate crystals used to create the pave diamond look on silver settings. (Catwoman: Verdict)

Society: Quite at variance to the original comic book character who was a whore, Catwoman holds a job in an ad agency in the movie Catwoman. She is dressed in a skin tight leather suit along with a mask to match her blood-constraining leather attire and cracks a mean whiplash. According to the critics, Catwoman is over-sexualized which an element that dissuades from the film's girl-power message. This is something of news to the film director who persists upon the film's feminist message. Truly, in the film, Berry changes a diamond ring from her left hand to her right which is a fashionable symbol of female independence surges past her love interest at a game of basketball, faces her male bosses and female nemesis and usually kicks her butt all around. Catwoman at least from the reports and the previews shows the incongruity that feminism staggers in better compared to any other pretext imagined. (Redeem the Time: Catwoman and the Prowling Lion)

Shunning nature, feminism looks to make women equal to men by making them identical to men in ways possible. A difference exists between men and women on account of their sex, therefore while equating women with men, feminism therefore simply ignores or straightaway rejects female sexuality although they at times choose to commemorate it. Therefore, the more feminism achieves, the more feminism overlooks or eliminates female sexuality that results in disastrous outcomes. In our society there are a lot of Catwoman those women who announce their manhood and rebuff their womanhood with varying extent of success at the same time being used as whores in another confined aspect of their life, irrespective of what they contemplate and/or the manner in which they substantiate it. (Redeem the Time: Catwoman and the Prowling Lion)

Technology: On the technological front, the special effects used in Catwoman, was mainly created from a rubbery Computer Generated Imagery or CGI edition of Halle Berry which does not appear to be nice. Some of the special photographic effects could have been made to work, however the edited used to accompany with them was awful, thwarting the viewer from truly comprehending what was happening. Besides, the production was terrible with the setups rendering the continuous editing quite hard. The color filtering was very blatant and excessively done. An example of this could be during the fight scene on the catwalk during the first meeting of Lone with Catwoman. With the green filter in the camera, the red lipstick of Catwoman will be captured as black. Although some shots have restored the color through the digital process, however others have not. The camera work and the editing in action scenes rendered the action very intricate to understand. (Cast Crew, and Other Info: The Scores)

Industry:- In case one possess the added benefit of living nine lives, one would be under pressure to find a more prominent union of A-list talent and B-movie schlock compared to the passing in to oblivion "Catwoman" from production major Warner Brothers. The dampener comes very early during the opening credits. Directed by Pitof the movie has loose scripts which are replete with clumsy dialogue and uneven action sequences which make the production house Warner Brother spending $100 million. Associated distantly by the comic book character created by Bob Kane, Pitof's creation of Catwoman relationship with the feline femme fatale is limited to name only who appeared for the first time in the pages of Batman comic books during the 1940s. In the present film, the director of the movie has discarded everything of Catwoman's "Bat" baggage shaping her a new individuality and also a change of address, from the crime ridden Gotham to the similarly conjured Lake City. At the one end comic-book purists were opposed to the modifications and politicizing of the Catwoman lore. At the other end parents might also be similarly shocked by the film's hyper-sexualized reconceptualization of the character that makes Pfeiffer's leather clothed lynx appear nearly virginal. (Catwoman: Catholic News Service)

Berry cracking her whip lash as she moves around in a belly and bust baring attire must work like catnip on the anticipated male viewers. It might also be found difficult by the parents as regards the moral ambiguity, particularly the vague difference among things that are right and wrong. In fact, "Catwoman are not confined by the rules and regulation of the society" as said by the characters of Conroy. The viewers, searching for depth in character along the lines of the more superior "Spiderman" will be disenchanted. Even though Pitof shows an irrefutable visual flamboyance, the characters in the movie "Catwoman" stays two-dimensional as the comic-book pages from which they took birth. Because of the continued presence of stylized violence and an obscure sexual encounter, the USCCB Office for Film and Broadcasting has rated it… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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