Wrong With This Picture? Essay

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2b. Whether carbon emissions are resulting in global warming and climate change?

Despite claims to the contrary, global warming is perhaps the most complicated and serious issue facing the world today. The scientific community has almost universally proclaimed that the evidence points to the rising dangers from the ongoing buildup of greenhouse gases due to human related activity (Adger, 2001). As economies throughout the world continue to grow the burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of the world's forests continues which contribute the rising dangers. Global emissions continue to climb while the nations of the world continue to debate whether a problem exists and, if the problem exists, how best to confront it. The United Nations has attempted to organize discussion initiatives to discuss how to address the problem but the debate between developing nations striving to move their economies forward and the needs of the larger industrialized nations continues in earnest. Meanwhile, only incremental progress is being made toward any real solution. The fact that the world's scientific community is in near agreement as to the existence of the problem should be sufficient evidence that a problem exists.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Wrong With This Picture? The Assignment

As indicated earlier, however, there are the skeptics that argue that global warming and climate change is much to do about nothing. Such skeptics see such claims as nothing more than science fiction but in examining the arguments offered by such skeptics to refute the existence of global warming it is essential that the motivations behind such arguments are examined. Like any major social issue there are always those who take issue in order to protect their own self-interest or to promote their own agenda. Such individuals are willing to preach against the effects of global warming and to offer information that is factually incorrect or to minimize the scientific evidence that is presented in an effort to sway segments of the population into believing that global warming is not a serious issue. The fact that the existence of global warming is still being debated is hard evidence that the detractors are successful in their efforts to create doubt among the general population.

Although the costs of combating the effect of global warming are extremely high, the costs of doing nothing are much higher. The fact that the international science community is in near agreement on the fact that global warming exists and that the world is in the middle of a period of severe climate change should be enough to motivate everyone to take a hard look at finding solutions. Nevertheless, to date, little has been done and there is little indication that anything worldwide is going to occur in the near future.


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