Wuthering Both Generations Depicted in Wuthering Heights Book Report

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Both generations depicted in Wuthering Heights have their strengths and weaknesses. The elder generation of Heathcliff, Cahterine, and Edgar are the people the reader has become intimate with during the first half of the novel. Thus, by the beginning of the second half, the older generation seems more real, alive, and palpable. The tumultuous affair between Catherine and Heathcliff makes the reader simultaneously angry and sad, obscuring the emotional openness to the younger generation. However, as Cathy, Linton, and Hareton come to life during the second half of the novel, their characters become stronger and soon the reader forgets altogether about the elder Catherine.

As a whole, the younger generation is less neurotic and problematic than the older generation. Linton is the weakest of the young generation, but the reader takes full pity on him. His father degenerated into an abusive man, which has undoubtedly left a psychological scar on the boy. Consequently, Linton himself lacks masculinity and strength. He seems to suffer from an asthmatic condition, is continually breaking out in coughs or in need of some attention. Catherine calls him "Pretty Linton," as if to emphasize his effeminate nature (Chapter 23, p. 201). The reader feels a mixture of pity and disgust for him.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Book Report on Wuthering Both Generations Depicted in Wuthering Heights Assignment

By this time in the story, the reader has also developed a complete mistrust of and dislike for Heathcliff, making Linton a far more likeable character than his father. Ironically, it is possible to pity both generations of men equally. Heathcliff is pitiable for his having lost the love of his life and never loving another. Linton is pitiable because he is purely a victim of circumstances: bad genes and a couple of weak parents. Hareton is likeable for similar reasons. The reader feels pity for his being suppressed by Heathcliff and being forced to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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