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[. . .] This realism marked most important literary pieces produced during and immediately after the Great War. Hemingway's war poems indicate the fact that he seriously thought about war and its futility. Some of the best war stories of this time include "In Another Country," "Now I Lay Me," and "A Way You'll Never Be."

But apart from people like Hemingway, American literature did not produce any significant war poets and/or verses that could show clear effects of WWI. Though there were vast number of verses created during this period, the quality was rather inferior as Harvey (1993) writes: "...more than 99 per cent of First World War poetry is not very impressive, and if 99.9 per cent of First World War poets were not as good as Wilfred Owen or Isaac Rosenberg."

WWI though had a serious impact on American literature of the time; still most of the fiction and poems produced during and immediately after the war were soon forgotten. Only few writers and poets stayed in picture after the war hysteria died down. But WWI had long lasting effects on American literature of later years, as realism became the most sought after style and theme.


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