XYZ, Inc. Brand Identity Standards Term Paper

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XYZ Inc. Brand Identity Standards

Consumers today are well informed and try to find services and products that they understand and feel comfortable with. This report is about marketing and the concept of 'Brand Identity Standards.' XYZ Inc. seems to understand that in numbers there may be success - or failure. All businesses should follow the lead of XYZ and focus a great deal more attention on sales and marketing because these two things are a strong indicator of success in the business world. There must also be some fundamental understanding that comes with being in business that states, without customers, no business can survive or grow. Success therefore for any business is a matter of attracting and retaining customers. "It is well recognized that a key issue in gaining brand awareness, trial, and subsequent loyalty is to reflect deep-seated values in advertising and augmented product offerings. When marketers address consumer values, target consumers sense that the product's purpose is to benefit their individual lives." (Durgee, O'Connor, and Veryzer)

Business marketing and even the notion of branding should be based on the notion of the four P's:




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TOPIC: Term Paper on XYZ, Inc. Brand Identity Standards Assignment

The key to successful marketing and branding are best understood if one focuses on the orientations and perspectives of past advertising and sales and then incorporate some process that can foster a word-of-mouth system. "If, for most products, it is the word of mouth that triggers the sales, is it not important to look at what triggers the word of mouth? What if all elements of marketing, such as sales, advertising, direct mail, etc., were not oriented toward directly persuading people to use the product? Instead, what if all your marketing elements were organized around causing people to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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