Yellow Wallpaper and Paul's Case Essay

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As she waits for her friend to join her in the coffee shop, she reflects on her past life and future prospects. Nonetheless, she is skeptical about love. The fact that her friends have deserted her instills in her the view that love is unable to surpass human's "inborn, primitive timidity of death" and more so in her country where religion gives a different perspective of death. She also fears that her fate will be similar to her Aunt Yifan who lost the man she loved because of the type of work she did. The narrator hides behind her profession to escape the realities of life. She seems to be interested in the dead bodies than those who are alive. She had no friends and resorted to making friends with the dead that she decorated. When she is around the dead corpses, they don't laugh at her; she does not need to be concerned about being the "laughing stock in the eyes of others." She is unable to have friends because her job frightens them, but a dead one cannot talk or express their feelings. She believes death put an end to the theatrics of the world where one is unable to pretend.

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Essay on Yellow Wallpaper and Paul's Case: Assignment

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Paul's Case Thesis

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