Younger Brother's Development Term Paper

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Hereditary and environmental factors need to be taken into account as well. All children are born with traits that their parents have passed down to them. Everyone is born with hereditary potential, which is then shaped and molded by surroundings or the culture. A realistic definition of culture would be a social group.

In many cases, for example, a child who comes from an artistic or musical family will have this ability as well. Or, someone who has parents who were both overweight as they were growing up (due to genetics not diet) may also have a similar tendency.

A child's development will be determined by physical factors such as the type and amount of foods he/she eats, the amount of sleep received on average and the mother's health while pregnant. Socio-economic factors will also impact the child's development: For example, children from single-family homes are more at risk of having behavioral problems. Youth who are abused physically or emotionally may have psychological problems or learning delays.

It is important for a number of reasons to study child development. Above all, as noted above, is having proper expectations. This way, one can know what a child should or should not be capable of doing at what age, so action can be taken/or not as required. Information on normal development facilitates early detection of problems and helps in the prevention and treatment of deviant or atypical development.

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