Youth Leadership Training and Development Research Paper

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Survey Population: Youth leaders in volunteer organizations, stratified by area codes and school district distributions throughout the metro area.

Sample Size: Based on the total population of students in the metro area and using a Confidence Interval of 95%, the total sample size is set at 532.

Survey Sampling Technique: Using a random number generation application to choose every nth respondent to ensure representativeness of the entire survey population.

Research Instrument: A survey will be used for data collection, relying on a series of Likert scales for capturing attitudinal assessments and assessments of the dimensions of self-esteem, motivation, moral values and self-confidence.

Research Phases

Phase I -- Initial questionnaire evaluation and testing. Selection of respondents and use of random sampling to define overall sampling frame. Complete parent information sessions and gain approvals and support.

Phase II -- Complete stratified random sample of each audience. Complete second wave of questionnaires. Evaluate and benchmark response rates.

Phase III -- Complete survey analysis and present results, then define strategic improvements to programs.


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Research Paper on Youth Leadership Training and Development Assignment

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